Funny Muffin Friday: That Muffin Smile

Funny Muffin Friday

Muffin recently came into the room when I was working on the blog asking me to get him a snack.  He looked so adorable asking for it that I could not resist snapping this shot!


Happy Friday (and Happy Canada Day!) everyone!

Funny Muffin Friday: I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Post This in December!

Funny Muffin Friday

I’ve gotten into the habit of, when Muffin is around, having my phone at the ready.  For the camera, of course.  But also because I like to jot down funny things he says in the “Notes” app on my phone.

This particular gem comes from right around Christmas time this past Christmas.  You remember December, right?  It was crazy!  I was going through and looking at the blog entries for December and a form of online journal for December.  I didn’t realize how truly crazy it was until I did that.

So, this particular jewel never got posted.


(Yes, I know readers since the beginning have seen that picture, but in context with his words, I just couldn’t resist!)

In reference to coal in stockings, Muffin told me that I had been bad.  Then, he offered up this helpful suggestion:

“Mom, if you’re bad you just get coal….  Can we use that in the grill?”

Oh, I love my glass-half-full, wonderful son!


Funny Muffin Friday: Muffin at Rest

Funny Muffin Friday

Some of Muffin’s cutest moments are when he’s at play.  But, to me, the most precious and priceless images that have been captured of Muffin are when he is asleep.  So, I present this nearly wordless post.


IMG_1191 IMG_1291 IMG_1364 IMG_1458

Yes, in the last picture, that’s my boo-tay, my bo-hunk-us that Muffin is resting his head and arm on.

I felt soooooooo loved!

Funny Muffin Friday: Baby, You’re a Firework!



Funny Muffin Friday

For the Fourth of July this year, we visited my sister.  On the day we chose to go purchase fireworks, it poured buckets.  So, we waited out the storm as well as we could in the huge seasonal fireworks warehouse.  Muffin decided to pose as a firework while he waited (and while he and his cousins helped us decide which fireworks to purchase).


And so, to quote one of his favorite songs (known as “circus song” because it comes from Madagascar 3), “Baby, you’re a firework!”

Funny Muffin Friday: My Date for My Birthday Supper

Funny Muffin Friday

One week ago today, I turned 35.  I know!!!!  Turning 30 didn’t bother me.  I was a new mama at that time and barely blinked when the big 3-0 hit.  But 35 I approached with apprehension.

Locally, the pizza restaurant Rotolo’s offers as a member of their loyalty program a free pizza for your birthday.  Last year, this was when we ate out at the restaurant shortly after my birthday:


I think last Friday, Muffin and I sat in the same booth when we went for my birthday.  The pizza this time was pineapple.

This time Muffin was my sole pizza date because Josh had to work.  He ordered a sour green apple Sprite drink which he proclaimed to be “Sour like lemon!!!!”

Image-1 (3)

And the pizza we shared…


I truly enjoyed my birthday this year, despite reaching the dreaded 3-5!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Funny Muffin Friday: Shhhh…He’s Sleeping

Funny Muffin Friday


Muffin enjoys celebrating both Canada Day and Independence Day.  Sometimes, though, he celebrates a bit too much.  Here he is before the celebrations:

And here he is, at 9:30, less than five minutes after I told him in no uncertain terms that he had bath time in five minutes:

Shhhh…he’s sleeping.