Funny Muffin Friday: I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Post This in December!

Funny Muffin Friday

I’ve gotten into the habit of, when Muffin is around, having my phone at the ready.  For the camera, of course.  But also because I like to jot down funny things he says in the “Notes” app on my phone.

This particular gem comes from right around Christmas time this past Christmas.  You remember December, right?  It was crazy!  I was going through and looking at the blog entries for December and a form of online journal for December.  I didn’t realize how truly crazy it was until I did that.

So, this particular jewel never got posted.


(Yes, I know readers since the beginning have seen that picture, but in context with his words, I just couldn’t resist!)

In reference to coal in stockings, Muffin told me that I had been bad.  Then, he offered up this helpful suggestion:

“Mom, if you’re bad you just get coal….  Can we use that in the grill?”

Oh, I love my glass-half-full, wonderful son!



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