A New Blog is Born…

Welcome to the new blog!  This is the blank canvas onto which my baby boy’s solid food experimentation will be displayed.  As of now, he has tried rice cereal (in his bottle and with a bowl and spoon), as well as grape insides and mashed banana.  He is supposed to (according to his pediatrician) have only tried the cereal, but he has become very interested in what we eat lately.

Yesterday was his four month appointment.  The pediatrician gave us a nutritional booklet as an outline to follow on introducing new foods as well as stressed that baby boy is to have no more than 32 ounces of formula a day.  Um…

So, today is day one of striving for that goal.  Feeding him on a (semi) schedule instead of on demand.

We have also been given permission to feed him diluted (baby) apple juice.  After looking at the ingredients on “baby” apple juice and “grown-up?” apple juice, I’m starting to believe that “baby” apple juice is just a way to charge more for less by fooling parents into thinking that the juice is better for baby.  My DH (who deserves a medal and then some for literally picking me up off the ground at work yesterday after I fell and putting up with me all day yesterday) suggested that it might be diluted more than adult/grown-up apple juice.  Either way, we are taking the “grown-up” apple juice an ounce at a time and diluting it with four ounces of water (filtered or bottled).

Baby boy’s first taste of apple juice was not as “happy” as his introduction of grape insides and mashed banana.  He fussed at it even more than he does with straight water.

We are following through with the doctor’s 4-8 ounce bottle method (so far) today.  We are using the juice-water and water to supplement as it is August…in Louisiana…and predictably hot and dehydrating.  The upside:  baby boy slept 7.5 hours last night, and, after a few sips of water, slept a few hours more.  The downside:  his true fussy/hungry time is coming up soon and he can only have 8 ounces while we are at my parents’ so that he can have a bedtime bottle.  All of the bottles will have rice cereal in them to try to keep him down to 32 ounces.