About the Happy Mama

Originally, when I started this blog in 2010, I intended for it to be an exploration of my little one’s eating adventures.  Two years later, it still is that, but it is also a chronicle of his fulfillment toward a full life, exploring the world through a child’s eyes.  Consequently, since two years ago, we could never have foreseen Daisy and Angel, this blog also describes Daisy’s and Angel’s antics and Daisy’s quest for a full and rubbed tummy (and Angel’s quest for mice and stinky feet).  Additionally, it tells about me, the happy mama, as I try to explore the path of happiness in the kitchen and beyond.  And, not to leave out my wonderful husband Josh, the Canadian-turned-southern-United-States transplant who has embraced many things Southern (He still won’t touch turnip, mustard, or collard greens! unless they are canned and Glory brand).  I also plan on telling about his explorations in the kitchen and of Rene’s deep and abiding love for his Daddy.  Ultimately, it is the story of our family with hopefully some helpful recipes, tutorials, and pointers thrown in for good measure.  Cheers!


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