Funny Muffin Friday: My Date for My Birthday Supper

Funny Muffin Friday

One week ago today, I turned 35.  I know!!!!  Turning 30 didn’t bother me.  I was a new mama at that time and barely blinked when the big 3-0 hit.  But 35 I approached with apprehension.

Locally, the pizza restaurant Rotolo’s offers as a member of their loyalty program a free pizza for your birthday.  Last year, this was when we ate out at the restaurant shortly after my birthday:


I think last Friday, Muffin and I sat in the same booth when we went for my birthday.  The pizza this time was pineapple.

This time Muffin was my sole pizza date because Josh had to work.  He ordered a sour green apple Sprite drink which he proclaimed to be “Sour like lemon!!!!”

Image-1 (3)

And the pizza we shared…


I truly enjoyed my birthday this year, despite reaching the dreaded 3-5!

Happy Friday, everyone!


Meal Plan Monday: Fancy Schmancy Eats?

Meal Plan Monday

I tried a new recipe this weekend that Josh and I personally liked, but Muffin didn’t seem to enjoy.  Of course, lately it’s been hard to tell.  He’s in the phase where he thinks it’s okay to take a bite or two of dinner and be “full” or “done” and then want a snack five minutes later.  We’ve now put our feet down.  There will be no snacks or dessert after dinner (in other words, supper is it).

This week also marks the week leading up to Muffin’s fifth birthday.  Five!  After waiting for what (for him) seems forever, he will finally be his favorite number.

Saturday:  Chicken au Champagne (or Champy, as I kept writing it) from Cooking with Curls, roasted asparagus, crescent rolls, rice

Sunday:  stuffed potato bar

Monday:  Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork sandwiches from Spend with Pennies

Tuesday:  Loaded Chicken and Potato Casserole from Life in the Lofthouse, roasted asparagus, tomato slices

Wednesday:  Fuji Chicken from Mandy’s Recipe Box (This time, I promise!), rice, egg roll

Thursday:  leftovers or hot dogs

Friday:  Josh will grill–pork chops, hopefully a veg (or potato), grilled garlic bread (if green veg)

Saturday:  spaghetti and meatballs using the Slow Cooker Pizza Meatballs (the same recipe as the meatball subs from last week!)

Sunday:  dinner out at the Horseshoe Casino The Spread buffet (Muffin’s choice for his birthday)

What’s on your menu for the week?

Thoughtful Thursday: Happy Birthday, Mom!

Thoughtful Thursday

To my fellow adventurer throughout our home state (and probably the only person who understands my obsession love of Highway 1, from Rodessa to Grand Isle) and the only other person that I know who has been to all 64 parishes in five months (and helped me to take pictures of signs, cypress trees, shrimp boats, bayous, and pelicans…and more signs)…the only other person who understands why those pictures of signs were necessary…

Happy Birthday, Mom!  You are my source of laughter, inspiration, shared jokes, and love.  Love you lots (and Muffin loves his granny lots, too)!  And just remember, a la linguistics, you are not a “Moe-RON!”

So…when are we traveling down Highway 1 again?  Muffin is old enough now…  🙂

And, yes…I realize that your birthday is tomorrow…but I wanted this post to be there when you woke up  (or when the puppies wake you up at midnight…and one…and two…)

Love you, Mom!

The Twelve Days of Christmas in July: A Baker’s Dozen of Gifts and a Wrap-Up

The Twelve Days of Christmas in July Graphic

On the thirteenth day of Christmas, Muffin’s Mama gave to thee…

Bonus printable tags (although for boys birthday gifts) for you to keep!

(Click the image above to receive the PDF printable from GoogleDocs.)

Recently, Muffin was invited to the birthday party of one of Josh’s coworker’s grandsons.  To decorate the package containing the birthday gift, I made these rugged boy tags.

I hope you enjoy these (and have enjoyed the Twelve Days of Christmas in July series).  I might plan another Christmas series in December, but it will probably be more tied to what is available in the Pinteresting Blogosphere.

Here is a round-up of the Twelve Days of Christmas in July posts:

1st Day:  Christmas Gift Tags

2nd Day:  Cream Cheese Mints

3rd Day:  Christmas Carol Subway Art Printable

4th Day:  Jingle Bells Lyrics Printable

5th Day:  Hot Chocolate Recipe and Tags

6th Day:  Snowflake Gift Tags

7th Day:  Peppermint Bath Snow Instructions and Tags

8th Day:  Printable Christmas Card

9th Day:  Printable Christmas Ornaments

10th Day:  Recipe Binder Cover and “A Gift from Our Kitchen” Tags

11th Day:  Nectar Syrup Recipe and Tags/Labels

12th Day:  Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Tags

Enjoy and Merry Christmas (in July)!

What was your favorite gift of the Twelve Days of Christmas in July?


Funny Muffin Friday: BDay Minus a Few Hours

Funny Muffin Friday

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of a very special day.  Four years ago tomorrow, this little guy was born.

And that he’s now this big boy:

Happy birthday, my dear sweet Muffin!  Mama loves you!