Funny Muffin Friday: ‘Station Vivle School!

Funny Muffin Friday

Today is Muffin’s last day at Vacation Bible School at my cousin’s church.  He really loves his second cousin, Nikki.  In fact, he said the whole reason he was behaving (and everyone insists that he is behaving) at VBS is because Nikki is there.  (Trust me, the past week or so’s worth of days have been rocky, to say the least, in Muffin behavior terms.)

To make this entry short and sweet, Muffin has a special name for Vacation Bible School:  ‘Station Vivle School.  And he assures me that he’s made many friends (but he forgets to ask their names) and that he’s learned a lot (although he can’t remember what).  His favorite parts of ‘Station Vivle School?  Snack time and dance time (with Nikki).

Here’s a shot of him sporting one of his new temporary tattoos that he one at VBS for answering a question.

What are you and your little ones doing this summer?

What do you think?

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