Funny Muffin Friday: My Date for My Birthday Supper

Funny Muffin Friday

One week ago today, I turned 35.  I know!!!!  Turning 30 didn’t bother me.  I was a new mama at that time and barely blinked when the big 3-0 hit.  But 35 I approached with apprehension.

Locally, the pizza restaurant Rotolo’s offers as a member of their loyalty program a free pizza for your birthday.  Last year, this was when we ate out at the restaurant shortly after my birthday:


I think last Friday, Muffin and I sat in the same booth when we went for my birthday.  The pizza this time was pineapple.

This time Muffin was my sole pizza date because Josh had to work.  He ordered a sour green apple Sprite drink which he proclaimed to be “Sour like lemon!!!!”

Image-1 (3)

And the pizza we shared…


I truly enjoyed my birthday this year, despite reaching the dreaded 3-5!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Cent-Saving Saturday: Birthday Freebies

Cent Saving Saturday

I just celebrated a birthday.  No, I’m not telling you this to receive a slew of “Happy Birthdays.”  I’m telling you this because, in honor of becoming one year older, businesses will give you free stuff.

I’ve seen several “birthday” postings on savings blogs before, but I’ve only halfway taken advantage of it.  Some of these can save you a whole slew of money.

My sister is probably the expert at it.  Her birthday is filled with free stuff.  Luckily, she lives in a major metropolitan area, so her variety of stores (such as Godiva) tends to be greater.

Deals that I know about:

Newk’s Eatery:  free entree and drink (dine-in only) for e-mail subscribers

Rotolo’s:  free medium specialty or up-to-3-topping pizza for e-mail subscribers (this is a $14.99 value!)

iHop Pancake Revolution:  free Rooty Tooty Fresh n’ Fruity

The goal is: if you have a favorite eatery or place you like to shop, join their e-mail club because you might be able to get treats on your birthday!

IMG_0261 IMG_0260

(We went on the Wednesday after my birthday because Rotolo’s has calzones for $5.99)

Here is how the stores looked this week.  I’ve already gone shopping today, so I can, in the interest of full disclosure, tell you that I did not buy everything on the list.  I also discovered a few items at Super 1 that were part of their unadvertised-in-the-circular-but-sent-in-their-e-mail Price Shockers (Gawaltney breakfast sausage roll for 99 cents) as well as some completely unadvertised specials (Hormel maple bacon Little Sizzlers breakfast sausage for 87 cents).  For us, Super 1 is a bit further out of the way, but it is always worth it to go (They also had limes last week 20/$1, but I price matched with Walmart).


cheese, shredded or block, 8 ounce $1.99 (Kroger brand…not a great price, but I needed more cheese)

Big K 2 L soft drinks 67 cents each wyb 4

Kroger sour cream, 16 ounce 3/$4 (again, not a great price, but I am using sour cream in most of the dishes planned this week)

Coke, Dr. Pepper, 7-Up, or Mug 2 L 10/$10

Kroger cream cheese, 8 ounce brick 10/$10 (I had to get a rain check)


large pumpkins 3.99 (Fri-Sun)  In the interest of full disclosure, these pumpkins were labeled “Medium” and were by no means “large”

Best Choice sugar 99 cents (4 pounds) limit 2 (Fri-Sun)

Best Choice flour 99 cents (5 pounds) limit 2 (Fri-Sun)

Nestle, Wonka, Spree, Sweettart candy 39 cents (limit 6 with coupon)

Dr. Pepper 2 L 88 cents (limit 4 with coupon)

Calidad tortilla chips–big bag (12 ounce) 99 cents (limit 4 with coupon)

Prego pasta sauce 99 cents (limit 2 with coupon)

Red Gold tomatoes 39 cents (limit 8 with coupon)

Best Choice apple juice 99 cents (limit 4 with coupon)

Super 1

tomatoes on the vine 88 cents/pound (I found ones that had “fallen” off of the vine…the vine is heavy…therefore adding to the cost of the tomatoes)

Brookshire’s thick sliced bacon 3 pound package $8 (limit 2 with coupon and must have $10 non-coupon purchase)–Brookshire’s thick sliced bacon is the best!  I am not being paid for this testimonial, but when I can find it this cheap, I buy!  Luckily, both Super 1 and Brookshire’s sell it, so that’s twice the opportunity for sales.  I will say that it is $3.99 at Brookshire’s this week, and I have been known to pay $3.99 for it.  The regular price is $5.49, so when I find it on sale (as I mentioned above), I buy!  Seriously.  It’s better than Tyson, Hormel, Oscar Mayer, or any of the other brands…even my previous favorite Wrights!

Bar-S franks 87 cents

What were the sales like this week in your area?  Do you enjoy the benefits of birthday clubs?


A New Restaurant to Try Out Tomorrow for Pizza Night!

I admit it.  You give me a new restaurant and part of me desperately wants to try it.  Last week, we had attempted to go to Rotolo’s, the new restaurant that replaced another pizza restaurant nearby.  Well, even though the billboards advertised it, last Friday it was still coming soon.  It is now open, and I planned to try to go there for pizza night on Friday.

When I went to the website to get some idea of the menu, I signed up for their frequent customer program that advertises free pizza on your birthday and anniversary and a $5 off coupon when you sign up.  Well, I have now printed the coupon from the sign up and plan on using it tomorrow.  I will let you know how it goes on Summary Sunday.

Lesson for the day:  Investigate websites of new restaurants for mention of frequent customer programs.  Also investigate places you go to for birthday and frequent customer incentives.  My ever-so-savvy sister (seriously, all of my best ideas come from her!) signs up for the birthday freebies and rocks her birthday!  It’s your day; you should make it special.