Funny Muffin Friday: Muffins Vocabulary (“Peckish”)

Funny Muffin Friday

Since he began talking, Muffin has had an interesting vocabulary.  He absorbs, seemingly by osmosis, words that he hears and is able to incorporate correctly in context in sentences.

He loves to try out new words, and sometimes we have difficulty discerning where he learned them.  For example, a few weeks ago, he used the word “peckish.”  His exact sentence was, “I’m peckish; I want something to eat.”

I called up my mom with a wry “thanks” for my dad, figuring that, since my dad taught him the meaning of the word “parched,” he also taught him the meaning of “peckish.”

My parents had no idea where he learned the word.  So, I called Muffin over and asked him where he learned it.  He answered me immediately–“Stampy.”

Inwardly–and possibly outwardly–I groaned.  Stampy Longnose is the bane of my existence, the You Tube character who plays WAY TOO MUCH Minecraft!

Josh was at work, so I called him.  He concurred with glee that Muffin learned the word “peckish” from watching Stampy.

Here is a picture of Muffin being parched–and peckish.

DSC_0676[1]What new vocabulary has your little one started using?


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