Cent-Saving Saturday: Labor Day Week!

Cent Saving Saturday

It’s Labor Day weekend, and the sales are a bit better this week.  The last few weeks, they’ve been very “meh,” so I’ve stuck to primarily Kroger, with a bit of Walmart thrown in for fun.

This week, I at least have something to post about each one of the four big ones:  Kroger, Brookshire’s, Super 1, and Albertson’s.


Gebhardt refried beans 69 cents (limit 4)

Sweet Baby Rays barbecue sauce 99 cents (limit 4)

Capri Sun juice drinks $1.69 wyb 6

pork shoulder 99 cents/pound

boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.79/pound (Thursday-Sunday)


Calypso lemonade–free Friday digital download coupon

Corn 8 ears/$1

ground chuck $2.49/pound

personal watermelon $1.99

cheese 2/$3 (So, basically, this means a pound of cheese for $3.)


orange juice, gallon 2/$7

Del Monte fruit cups 2/$4

Super 1 (The Big Winner This Week)

Pepsi 2L $1

Coke 12 pack $1.98 (limit 3 with $20 purchase)

Hormel chili 19 ounce (large can) $1.48

Van Camps Pork and Beans 50 cents

Vlassic Pickles $2

Leg quarters 49 cents/pound

3 pound back yellow onions $1.49

Plums 1.25/pound

What are the deals where you are this week?


What do you think?

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