Meal Plan Monday: A Return to Normalcy

Meal Plan Monday

What do I mean by a return to normalcy?  I mean that this week, I’m not trying any new recipes.  At all.  I am in survival mode as far as cooking is concerned.  If it isn’t easy and can’t be transferred into leftovers for lunches, I don’t want any part of it.

That being said, and even though I think this completely does not follow the meal plan for this week on the monthly/yearly meal plan, I think it’s workable.  So, here goes (Muffin’s lunches are listed below, as well).


Saturday:  Fuji chicken, rice, fortune cookies, egg rolls

Sunday:  chicken nuggets (Chick-Fil-A style but homemade), potato chips, veg sticks

Monday:  slow cooker rotisserie chicken, rice, green veg

Tuesday:  quesadillas (using leftover roti chicken)

Wednesday:  breakfast for dinner (pancakes–make minis for Muffin’s lunch, breakfast meat, fruit)

Thursday:  leftovers or corn dogs

Friday:  pizza waffles and corn

Saturday:  dinner out

Sunday:  roast cooked some way


Monday:  leftover Fuji Chicken, fortune cookie, fruit cup (or peach), cheese stick, propel water

Tuesday:  leftover chicken nuggets, veg sticks and dip, clementine, chocolate milk, pirouline cookie

Wednesday:  chicken, rice, veg, fruit cup, juice box, cheese stick, fruit roll up

Thursday:  quesadilla, sour cream, salsa, veg sticks, juice box, candy

Friday:  ham roll ups, pancakes, syrup, fruit cup or clementine, syrup, chocolate milk

A three-day weekend is upon us!

What’s your meal plan for this week?


What do you think?

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