Minecraft Lava Punch


Recently, in perusing my feed in Pinterest, I came across a pin for Minecraft Lava Punch from Southern Revivals.  The description on the pin said that it was made from orange sherbet and red Hawaiian Punch.  I saved it to my Delish Drinks board.  I thought that would be a pretty cool treat for Rene for when he has friends over (later this week…cough cough).  Then, yesterday, I clicked on the link and found out that it was made with orange sherbet/vanilla swirl ice cream and strawberry soda.  I fumed a bit because I figured that the description on the pin sounded pretty cool.

So, I asked Josh to get some orange sherbet and Hawaiian Punch on the way home from work.  He called me from Target to tell me that they did not have JUST orange sherbet; they only had rainbow (orange, yellow, and green for orange, lemon, and lime) sherbet.  Then, the other Minecraft-obsessed person in the household asked me what was up with the ingredients.  When I told him, he said that he thought that the yellow sherbet would go great in it because there is yellow in the lava in the game.

So, that is how I ended up with rainbow sherbet and Hawaiian Punch.

I figured to make it random and “swirly,” I shouldn’t do scoops, but should instead use a fork to rake out bits of the sherbet.  I filled the glass halfway with the sherbet, alternately layering the orange with the lemon.  Then, I topped the drink with Hawaiian Punch.  And tasted it.  Um.  It was very…very…sweet.  And it needed carbonation.  In other words, it was not something I could drink.

Batch 2 was much better.  I made it by adding a bit of seltzer to the sherbet before topping the glass with Hawaiian Punch.

Notice I said to the glass.  Most of the pins for Lava Punch (and there are several different versions of it) place the lava punch in a punch bowl or punch “urn” for mass consumption.  I think this version is best done on a glass-by-glass basis.  If you are thinking about this for a large party, you could set up a drink station in which people make their own.  I would recommend clear drink ware, however, to allow for viewing of the “lava.”

Minecraft Lava Punch

Adapted from a Pin Description for a Pin from Southern Revivals

Makes 1 (Multiply amounts as needed)

One clear glass or plastic cup

One container rainbow sherbet or one container each orange and lemon sherbet (You will not use all for one drink)

Hawaiian Punch (If you are only making one serving, you will not need the entire gallon.  However, if you are serving more, or if your household drinks Hawaiian Punch, buy the gallon rather than the singles.)

Seltzer water (Either use a SodaStream, cans of seltzer, small bottles of seltzer, or a 2 L of seltzer.  I only had cans of Schweppe’s at the moment, so I made it with a can of seltzer.  You will not use the whole can.  For a 6-8 ounce portion, you will use only an ounce or two.)

Garnishes as needed:  I’m planning on adding red Nerds or red Pop Rocks to the mix.  If I add Nerds, I will add them in the mix.  If I add Pop Rocks, I will rim the glass with a bit of corn syrup, dip the rim in the Pop Rocks, and then fill the glass.  You could also use other small red, orange, or yellow candies (as well as sprinkles or jimmies).

Rim the glass with corn syrup and Pop Rocks/other candy/sprinkles if desired.

Using a fork, rake bits of sherbet into a glass, alternating the orange and the lemon sherbet.  You should have sherbet at least halfway up the glass.  The sherbet should NOT be packed down.  The “less packed” the sherbet is, the higher up the glass you will need to go.  If you are adding candy garnishes into the mix, sprinkle them on top of the sherbet.  Splash seltzer on top of the sherbet…no more than an ounce or two.  It is only there to lighten the drink and cut some of the sweetness.  Top to the rim with Hawaiian Punch.  Add additional sprinkles or garnishes as desired.

Serve, like any good float (since, essentially, that’s what this is), with a straw and a spoon.  Enjoy!  Repeat as needed.

Note:  For the alky-minded (and for those adults who play Minecraft and enjoy adult beverages), a bit of flavored vodka, rum, or liqueur may be added over the sherbet before any other ingredients.  Some flavor possibilities include:  pineapple, orange, lemon, berry, citrus, raspberry, tropical punch, cherry, peach, pomegranate, red berry, rainbow sherbet (quoting from the Pinnacle Vodka website…I have not seen this one before nor have I tasted it), orange whipped cream (ditto), Burnett’s fruit punch (I really like what I’m seeing on the website because it looks red and therefore will not turn the mixture pale), and orange cream.  I am not advocating this, mind you, but sometimes the Creepers are coming after you…and the spiders…and you just might want to indulge a bit (possibly with pineapple vodka).

I will be making one shortly (sans any alky) for Muffin.  I have a feeling I could put anything red, orange, and yellow in a glass, call it Minecraft Lava Punch, and it would be Muffin Approved.  I am going to jump the gun (since he was bouncing on the bed, begging me to make this) that it will be Muffin Approved.

Muffin Approved

Have you ever made any of the Minecraft treats mentioned on Pinterest?


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