We Plan Wednesday: The Halloween Edition

We Plan Wednesday

It’s that time of year again.  Halloween.  If you’ve been down the Walmart, Target, grocery store, any type of store aisles, really, you’ve seen the melee ensue.

Houses have a host of pumpkins before them.  Little boys and girls (as well as big ones, too) are readying their costumes for the season.

We host a very informal get together with my parents and a couple of our mutual friends.  Josh is the delegated person who walks Muffin around trick-or-treating.  I get to be the one who deals with the scared little ones who walk through Josh’s sidewalk or terror.

Josh loves Halloween.  I like it, too, but Josh loves to go all out on the decorating scheme.  Spider webs, creepy lighting, a spider that jumps out from its den of cinder blocks with fog.  A graveyard.

Traditionally, we have a hot dog bar with caramel apple wedges to dip and decorate.  This year, I think we are going to do the hot dog bar but with an ice cream sundae bar (that everyone usually loves).  Then, the trick-or-treaters get ready and head out for the fun.  And I don a mask and get ready for the fun of passing out candy.

One recipe I’m hoping to revive is one that didn’t quite make it to fruition last year, even though it was on the menu:  Minecraft Lava Punch.

Hope you have a Happy Howloween and a safe one, too!




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