Meal Plan Monday: A Recipe Tease

Meal Plan Monday

Saturday, I tried a new recipe.  I’m not going to give you the recipe here, but I will mention what it is below (and tease you with this picture):


And it tasted better than it looked!

If you read Saturday’s Cent Saving Saturday post about Super 1, you may have noticed that I talked about buying the breakfast sausage for 99 cents (one of their e-mail advertised only Price Shockers).  I used that sausage as the meat for the dish above (that is mentioned below).  While I might next time switch out the meat, I think this will be my new go-to recipe for that dish.

But here…we…go…

This is Halloween week, so I hope to do what I did last year on the big day…hot dogs.

Saturday:  chili (the recipe shown above)

Sunday:  jambalaya

Monday:  leftover chili

Tuesday:  leftover jambalaya (notice a pattern here)

Wednesday:  tacos

Thursday:  taco pizzas on Texas toast…kinda winging it on this one…I hope it works out

Friday:  hot dog bar with leftover chili, apple slice bar (with caramel and goodies), Cranberry Raspberry Ginger Ale Punch, hot chocolate bar/cider bar (weather permitting)

Saturday:  Six Sisters’ version of Alice Springs Chicken (found in their first cookbook, given to me on my birthday by my parents…my mom and I are hoping this recipe works out…I think she made a copy of it)

Sunday:  orange chicken (collective groan from those who have heard of my previous recipe epic fails!) using Pioneer Woman’s recipe…my last hope… and crab rangoon wontons (again winging it)

What’s on your meal plan this week?  I promise to blog Sunday’s results (with tears, if necessary)


What do you think?

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