We Plan Wednesday: Upcoming Main Dishes to Try Part 1 (with Codes!)

We Plan Wednesday

If you checked out the Tip Tuesday post from yesterday, you know that I’m working to organize recipes to break up that meal plan monotony.  When I made the plan this past weekend, it was oh so easy to consider falling back down that slippery slope of the meal plan monotony rut.

But I knew I couldn’t let that happen.  Plus, I had several recipes that I had originally planned for the previous week that really needed to see the light of day.

I decided I needed to really make it easy for myself and form a list from the recipes that I had already started investigating on various blogs, to organize that list using the parameters I mentioned yesterday:  main protein, preparation, type, and website.

Here is my first (of hopefully many) of those organized, coded lists.  The code is found on the Tip Tuesday post.

Crock Pot Chicken Cheesesteak Sandwiches (LitL) CP/U, PWE, chicken

Taco Potatoes (LitL) M, PWE (Thursday meal), ground meat

Spaghetti Pie (LitL) I, PWE/WE, ground meat

Ranch Chicken Enchiladas (LitL) M, PWE, chicken

Taco Lettuce Wraps (LitL) M, WN/PWE, ground meat

Loaded Chicken and Potato Casserole (LitL) U, WE, chicken

Chicken Cheesesteak Baked Potatoes (LitL) U, PWE, chicken

Grilled Cheeseburger Wraps (LitL) U/F, PWE, ground meat

Bowtie Skillet Lasagna (LitL) I, WN, ground meat

Chicken Parmesan Bake (LitL) I, WE, chicken

Sloppy Joe Squares (LitL) U, PWE, ground meat

Fuji Chicken (MRB) A, WE, chicken

Cabbage Roll Casserole (MRB), U/E, WE, ground meat

Cheesy BBQ Chicken and Rice (MRB) U, PWE, chicken

Spaghetti, Chicken, and Bacon Dish (MRB), U/I, PWE, chicken

Enchirritos (MRB) M, PWE, ground meat (sausage)

Tater Tot Nachos (Buns in My Oven) M, WN, ground meat

King Ranch Mac and Cheese (LitL) F/M/U, PWE (possibly with spaghetti), chicken

Mexican Pizza (LitL) F/M/U, PWE, ground beef

Bean and Cheese Enchiladas (try refried beans) (T+T) M, PWE, meatless

Beef and Scallion Stir Fry (T+T) A, PWE, steak

Cashew Chicken (T+T) A, PWE, chicken

French Onion Soup (T+T) E, WE, meatless

Texas Cheese Fries (T47) U, PWE, pork

Potato Pizzas (WB) P, PWE, pepperoni

Loaded Potato and Chorizo Casserole (WB) U/M, PWE, pork

Potato and Chicken Croquettes (WB) U, WE, chicken

Marmalade-Glazed Pork Chops (WB) U, WE, pork

Pulled Pork Nachos (FFM) U/F/M, PWE, pork

Waffle Pizza Dippers (FFM) P, PWE, pepperoni

Crockpot Thai Peanut Chicken (FFM) CP/A, PWE, chicken

This is only the tip of the iceberg.  I foresee three more We Plan Wednesday or Meal Plan Monday posts on the recipes that I’ve categorized and organized so far.  And those are by far not the end of them.

What recipes are your go-to prep ahead, weeknight, or weekend-only meals?



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