Tip Tuesday: Organizing Recipes

Tip Tuesday

This could probably be called a pre-cursor to tomorrow’s We Plan Wednesday post.  I’ve been working on ending the meal plan monotony by listing, by blog or website, recipes that I would be interested in trying out on the LFam.  I’ve now decided to break it down further.  I’m going to make a card for each recipe with source (in code…so it looks like something top secret and special) and type (also in code).  So, today, I bring you the code (thus far).

In addition, as you will see in tomorrow’s post, I’m going to note the recipes that can be prepared start to finish on “I’m too tired to do anything but push start on the microwave” weeknights, weekend prep that can be served on a weeknight, and weekend meals only (those meals that probably would not reheat well and taste fresh but that would still be okay as leftovers).  I also will divide them by main ingredient/protein type.

My ultimate goal is to include on the cards page number in a recipe book that I will again try to start compiling as well as suggested sides, desserts, and variations.

So, without further ado, the code:

Website Codes (thus far):

LitL (Life in the Lofthouse)

MKC (Mel’s Kitchen Cafe)

MRB (Mandy’s Recipe Box)

T+T (Tide & Thyme)

MRJ (My Recipe Journey)

ITC (I Thee Cook)

S+B (Syrup and Biscuits)

SWP (Spend with Pennies)

TGW (The Girl Who Ate Everything)

LBGC (Love Bakes Good Cakes)

BA (Blue Apron)

CBK (Cutting Back Kitchen)

LWCO (Life with the Crust Off)

KC (Kleinworth & Co.)

B2 (Budget Bytes)

FC (Forkful of Comfort)

IDP (I Dig Pinterest)

T47 (Table for Seven)

WB (With a Blast)

FFM (Family Fresh Meals)

There will probably be more added later.


A (Asian)

M (Mexican, including Tex-Mex and Mexicali)

P (Pizza in all forms and derivations)

I (Italian, non-pizza)

CP (slow cooker)

U (American)

S (Southern)

F (Fusion of two or more types)

E (European–also Canadian)

R (Restaurant Copycat)

*Note:  Some recipes are classified into more than one type.


WE (Weekend Only)

WN (complete weeknight prep)

PWE (Prep on Weekends for Weeknights)

*Note:  The WE designation only holds true on work days.


What do you think?

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