Trip Preparations (we think) plus dinner-on-the-fly

Today was mostly spent getting ready for the trip tomorrow although we weren’t sure for sure if we were going to be able to go. My youngest nephew has run a fever the last few afternoons, and, like his cousin Rene, is prone to febrile seizures if the fever spikes. Today, he seems fever free and eating healthily, so all of us have breathed a big sigh of relief. So tomorrow, “dark and early” (if I can get the boys up and going) we will be leaving for my sister’s. Three days of family fun and cooking up recipes (teaching Deb to make Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day and she teaching me the secrets of the family chickie and dumplins recipe).

We went to the library today, which gave Rene time to play with the toys there as well as pick out his favorite I Spy book (A to Z because it’s one of the ones with pictures) while I picked out Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day.

Great news: a few weeks ago the bugs that decimated the squash moved on to the cucumbers and killed (we thought) all of the cuke plants with cukes growing on them. Today Josh found…blossoms…growing on at least one of the cuke plants.

We brought Daisy to the vet today to board her (which is really a pedestrian term for a diva princess like Daisy). She will be treated to midline luxury (they have suites that have TVs that play Animal Planet and animal-full shows and movies–no reality TV so we don’t do that to Daisy). The main thing we wanted done to her while she is there is her nails clipped (although after the chili and blue Hawaiian punch incidents a bath is definitely in order). She is also getting a “brush out.” She was very happy and excited to be going to the vet; I think she’s treated like the VIP diva that she is while she’s there.

We also had to go see Granny and Granddaddy because they had some stuff for us to take down to my sister’s. Rene kept them company during that time. I showed Mom this blog as well as the Cassie Craves blog and the Pioneer Woman blog (and favorited them to her laptop).

Then came the great dinner argument that didn’t occur at breakfast because we had three chicken breasts (left over from the chicken breasts from yesterday) continuing their thaw in the fridge. Finally, in a stroke of near brilliance, we dumped Italian dressing on them in the bag (I knew that big bottle of Great Value would come in handy), tossed them on the George Foreman grill, and grilled them until done. We then sliced them up, spread mayo down the center of a tortilla, placed said chicken on the mayo, sprinkled green bell pepper down the middle, sprinkled onion on top of that, sprinkled sliced green olives on top of that (LOVE LOVE LOVE green olives), (this is where Josh and Rene deviated from me…they used BBQ sauce, honey BBQ sauce) drizzled more Italian dressing down the middle, and covered the row with cheese. Then we rolled it up, ate, and repeated. Rene actually at most of his roll-up (as well as over half a cantaloupe on his own). The pics:

Rene’s favorite part of the day would probably be when he helped with the laundry (if you don’t count going to the library).  He loves to lift his clothes into the washer.  He had to hug his Perry the Platypus blanket before putting it in the washer.  It was so cute!  (but, unfortunately, no camera was handy  😦   )

How do you prepare for big trips?  How do you make the trip preparations fun for little ones?

Cheers and Happy Packing!