Cent Saving Saturday: Eat Sandwiches!

Cent Saving Saturday


Note to readers:  It is due to one of my readers that I managed to remember to front load this post.  When talking with one of my favorite coworkers, she reminded me that this blog existed (getting geared up for a new school year has kinda veered my mind away) and thus that I needed to get my tush in gear with my posts!

If you followed the roast beef debris sandwich posts, you know that I’m not the world’s biggest fan of sandwiches.  Josh is.  Muffin is perfectly fine with a jam sandwich.  But, as for me, not so much.

There are a few exceptions.  Meatball subs.  Roast beef debris.  Po boys in any form.

I think my distaste of sandwiches in general goes back to mushy bread in lunch boxes (mostly ones of my own making…my mom’s were always excellent).  But, for today, I’m going to share for you my favorite childhood sandwich.

No.  It isn’t PB&J.  I still can’t eat PB&J.  If I eat peanut butter (rarely), it has to be mixed with chocolate.  Even now, I’m cringing at the thought of PB&J.  When Muffin requests PB&J (to beef up his jam sandwiches), I make them, but I gag a bit.

Nope.  My fave sandwich came about when, according to my mom, we were kinda out of other sandwich ingredients.  The cupboards were a bit bare.  We had white bread.  We had mayonnaise.  We had a block of cheddar cheese.  And we had hamburger-sliced dill pickle slices (the crinkly cut ones).  I will spare you a picture of my fave sandwich.

We call it the cheese-and-dill-pickle sandwich.  Unpretentious.  Probably not too healthy.  Characterized by it’s salty flavor and the vague greenish tinge of the bread being exposed to the dill pickle.

For me, comfort food at its lowest common denominator.  If I need comfort food, and I need it FAST, this is what I go for.  Oddly enough, I’ve never made it for Muffin although he loves the components.  So, I can only assume it is Muffin Approved.

Cheese and Dill Pickle Sandwich

2 slices white bread, preferably crusts removed


slices of cheddar cheese to cover one side of one piece of bread, preferably thinly sliced

6-8 dill pickle slices

Slather mayonnaise on both sides of the bread.  Arrange cheese on one side of the bread, trying not to leave too many gaps with bread exposed.  Layer pickles over that.  Top with bread.  Cut into two rectangles.  Wrap in plastic wrap or place in sandwich baggy for lunch consumption.

Warning:  This sandwich will probably make a few appearances Fridays when I’m on duty.  (I doubt any students will want a sample, but it is totally delish!)

But…if you need a healthier sandwich…here is the newest (last night’s) creation by Muffin.

Take two slices of garden fresh cucumber…fresh from the garden…pickling cucumbers.  Take a few spoonfuls of seasoned, boiled collard greens.  Now, before I go any further and petrify you even more, let me just say…I love our garden’s cucumbers.  I love collard greens.  But this made me gag.  It was more of a crudite sandwich.  Put a bit of collards on one cucumber slice, top with the other slice of cucumber.  Consume.  Repeat to the fear and disgust of one’s parents.  Oh!  And here’s a plate of Friday’s din-din.  Guess who didn’t follow the meal plan (which went to hockey sticks this week).

Now on to your specials for the week (NW Louisiana and North Bay, Ontario, style!):


Boneless half pork loin $1.99/pound

Coke, Diet Coke, or Sprite, 2 L, 99 cents each (limit 4 with coupon)

Wonder bread, 99 cents with coupon (limit 4 with coupon)

Hershey’s or Mars candy bars 49 cents (limit 6 with coupon)

Capri Sun $1.49 wyb 6


Northwest red cherries $1.99/pound

Boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.99/pound

Kroger cheese, 8 ounce, $1.99

Red tomatoes on the vine 99 cents/pound

Romaine and leaf lettuces 99 cents/pound

Corn 3 ears/$1

Super 1 Foods

Red or black plums 98 cents/pound

3 pound bag onions $1.48

Oscar Mayer value shaved meats $1.77 (one pound package with coupon and $10 pre-coupon purchase, limit 4)

Fast Fixin’ chicken breast strips or nuggets $3.77 (same parameters as above, limit 4)

Minute Maid premium punch, gallon $1.98 (same parameters as above, limit 3)

Ocean Spray juice drink (64 ounce bottle or mini bottle pack) $1.98 (same parameters as above, limit 4)

Fresh baked baguettes 75 cents (I wanna make some of the blue cheese baguettes again!)

Food Basics

Coke/Pepsi 18 pack of cans $4.88

Cherries $1.88/pound

Cap Off Sirloin Tip Steak Family Pack $3.48

Romaine hearts, pack of 3 $1.88

Tomatoes on the vine 98 cents/pound

English cucumber 98 cents each

Packham pears 88 cents/pound

Laughing Cow cheese, round, $1.99 with coupon

Crush, Dr. Pepper, or Schweppe’s ginger ale, 2L, 98 cents

Fresh Co.

Carnation evaporated milk 97 cents each (limit 8)

Red Path granulated sugar, 2 kg $1.97

Ontario tomatoes on the vine 79 cents/pound

Ontario seedless cucumbers 97 cents each

Limes 10/$1

Giant Tiger

English cucumber 77 cents each


Ground beef, $2.99/pound

Red or green leaf lettuce 99 cents/pound


Sugardale hickory smoked bacon, 375 g, $1.99

Dare cookies $1.99

Buy 6 pack of Libbey’s fountain sundae glasses, receive the following free:  ice cream, ice cream topping, sprinkles


Seedless cucumbers, 6 pack (small) $1.47


Value pack pork side ribs $1.97/pound

No Frills

Clamato $1

Ziggy’s fresh filled pasta $2

Old Mill hamburger or hot dog buns $1

Royal Gala apples $1/pound

Garlic 3 pack 4/$1…That’s 8.25 cents per bulb of garlic…we are paying at least 5 times that here!

Minute Maid juice concentrates 2/$1

Lysol wipes 70 count (2×35 wipes) $2

What is your favorite go-to instant comfort food?