Meal Plan Monday: The Back-to-Work Edition 2016

Meal Plan Monday

Yes, it’s that time again, folks!  This Thursday the 2016-2017 school year begins (for teachers at least) in our district.  I believe that my mom mentioned that my sister (who home schools) actually started her school year today, so that made this post even more pertinent.

To all of you who are not starting school yet, I hope you enjoy the last few weeks of summer vacay as they dwindle down to a flurry of school supplies and school clothes’ buying.

My apologies for the less-than-stellar food choices at the beginning of the week.  I returned from my best professional development experience ever late Friday night and it’s taken until now to recover from the awesomeness of it.  In other words, meal cooking was not exactly on the list of “to do’s.”

So, how bad of a mommy was I in terms of presenting food to my only child?  Check it out below!

Saturday:  pizza from Little Caesar’s

Sunday:  barbecue from Dickey’s (You can’t say I didn’t warn you!)

Monday:  spaghetti and meatballs

Tuesday:  taco Tuesday

Wednesday:  waffle Wednesday (chicken strips and Eggo waffles–yes I’m a horrible parent!)

Thursday:  hot dogs

Friday:  Is it wrong to contemplate Little Caesar’s twice on a meal plan?

Saturday:  I’m contemplating Kings Ranch Chicken because there will be plenty of leftovers.

Sunday:  roast (either chicken with forty cloves, pork loin, or beef roast)

Also, as it is the return of the school year, I am planning on doing my big weekend cooking rounds to avoid the craziness of the school year.  So be prepared (or scared) of casseroles and crock pots oh my!

What’s on your meal plan for the week?

What do you think?

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