Thoughtful Thursday: Consideration of Others

Thoughtful Thursday

And the lesson for today in the Pinteresting Blogosphere:  Consideration of Others.  Sadly, recent events have proven that many people either 1) don’t see consideration as a polite necessity or 2) go out of their way to be inconsiderate.

Yes, this is a ranting blog post.  I’m warning you in advance.

Recently, Muffin and I went to the $1 movie day.  It was a Tuesday (because that’s the day of the half price popcorn), and we were really looking forward to it.

Now, one of my (the only, in fact) only issues with the $1 movie is that several day cares and day camps bring their hordes of minions to the movie, clogging the theaters for families that are visiting.

On this particular day, the day we went to see Iron Giant, a local church-based day care was there.  Now, traditionally, people buy there tickets and then go to the concessions.  As there were five adults, one stood in line (behind all of us who purposefully arrived half an hour early to avoid the day care rush), and the other four went to the concession line!

They held up the line for 45 minutes (having basically cut us in line who had arrived before them), ordering 32 kids packs of popcorn, fruit snacks, and a drink.  They then turned around and ordered their own personal orders.

Finally, a parent in line in front of me (as it neared 10 o’clock and the movie was due to begin…and we were going to miss it because of the inconsiderate-ness of the church-based day care workers), shouted (she was angry, too), asking if one of the concessions workers was the manager.

When the manager replied in the affirmative, the mother expressed how it wasn’t fair or right for those of us who arrived early to have to miss the movie while those who arrived after us and cut in line were allowed to enjoy the full movie.

The manager agreed and showed consideration to all of us, holding the movies by 30 minutes so we could get our concession orders taken care of.

What bothers me most about this situation is that these INCONSIDERATE adults were teaching little kids to be inconsiderate, thus perpetuating the decline in good manners.

Yes, I realize that sounds melodramatic, but they certainly weren’t teaching the reverse!

Sound off!  What is your biggest pet peeve with modern behavior?

What do you think?

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