Cent-Saving Saturday: Regal Summer Movie Express 2016!

Cent Saving Saturday

Happy Saturday!  Many of you are probably heading out to find the freshest finds at Farmer’s Markets (or perusing garage sales to find that next needed buy).  On Tuesday, when I asked for ideas of how to frugally stay cool during these summer months, I received a comment sent to my e-mail.

My sister suggested the reduced children’s movies that most theaters have in the summer.  Some theaters have $2 tickets, some $1, and some charge nothing for the ticket (and make their money on concessions).

These are usually movies that are at least one-year old and that most of the kids attending have already seen, but that’s perfectly okay.  That just means that you are able to pick a movie your child will love.

Regal is our closest movie theater; in fact, we have two of them in our city.  Regal has $1 movies, with the proceeds going to the Will Rogers Institute.  Both movies each week are played on Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 a.m.

If you have the Regal Crown Club card (Regal’s loyalty card), you can receive half-priced popcorn on Tuesday (which reduces the “theater-price” bite by quite a bit).

Regal’s program runs for nine weeks.  On the first week, you receive a passport booklet for each ticket sold.  If you attend weeks 1-8, you will receive free admission to the movie on the ninth week.

Here are Muffin and I at the first week’s showing of The LEGO Movie.

Speaking of the offerings, here is the entire schedule for the Summer Movie Express (The ones that we are planning to attend are in bold print:

Week 1:  The LEGO Movie/Max

Week 2:  Goosebumps/The Iron Giant:  Signature Edition (Yes, we plan to attend both:  one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday)

Week 3:  Pan/The Smurfs 2

Week 4:  Despicable Me 2/Home

Week 5:  Minions/The Peanuts Movie

Week 6:  Alvin and the Chipmunks:  The Road Chip/Curious George

Week 7:  The Book of Life/Hotel Transylvania 2

Week 8:  Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2/Shaun the Sheep

Week 9:  The Croods/Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax

In other news, the grocery sales this week are shaping up to be awesome!  Here’s what I mean:

Super 1

country style pork ribs $1.57/lb.  (Stay tuned for Meal Plan Monday to find out what I’m planning to do with these on Father’s Day!)

Brookshire’s thick sliced bacon, 3 lb. pkg. $7.97

Kool Aid Bursts 88 cents


green beans (fresh) 88 cents/pound

whole chicken 69 cents/pound

tomatoes on the vine 88 cents/pound

Dr. Pepper, Coca Cola, Pepsi 2 L 88 cents wyb 4

7-Up or A&W 2 L 77 cents wyb 5

Free Friday Download:  a bottle of Lipton Pure Leaf Tea

Kroger Pepperoni (pouch) 10/$10

limes 4/$1

asparagus $1.49/pound

Kroger cheese, 12-16 ounces, $2.79

Aldi (because this will be an Aldi run week)

strawberries $1.29/lb.

red grapes 99 cents/lb.

blueberries $1.29/pint

deli sliced Havarti or Gouda slices $1.99/7 ounce

deli sliced (other) cheeses $1.79/7 ounce


boneless chuck shoulder roast $1.97/lb.

Red Gold tomatoes (canned) or ketchup 49 cents wyb 6

Yoplait yogurt 49 cents wyb 6

Bar-S franks 79 cents wyb 6

baby back ribs $1.99/lb.wyb 3+ racks (Wednesday-Sunday)

extra large shrimp $4.99/lb. (Wednesday-Sunday)

fresh corn 10 ears/$2 (Wednesday-Sunday)

hamburger or hot dog buns 69 cents (limit 4) (Wednesday-Sunday)

How are the deals shaping up in your neck of the woods?


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