Thoughtful Thursday: The Evil Facebook Monster

Thoughtful Thursday

Several months ago, I cut myself off from Facebook.

Every time I went on there, I felt myself grow angry and my blood pressure jump exponentially.  Somebody would post something to make me angry, have a person comment on one of his or her posts to make me angry, or tag me in a way that would make me angry (and possibly risk my job).  Or, the truly sick thing, post something borderline pornographic that my son could see as he looks over my shoulder hoping to see pictures of his cousins.  THAT is completely not cool!

I grew sick of political postings (whether I agreed with them or not).  The ones I didn’t agree with served to hike up my blood pressure.  I grew sick of seeing memes (even funny ones) or videos.

I got tired of feeling that, if I didn’t check Facebook every second of the day, that I might miss something important.  (Yes, I’m one of “those” people).

Yes, I liked seeing pictures of family members and friends.  Yes, I liked when my friends would post recipe ideas or useful information (or even updates about their families).  All of that was awesome.

But when coupled with everything else of Facebook that is evil/malicious/waste of time/spam/hatemongering, the trade off of not hearing and seeing the “good stuff” seemed acceptable.

Sure, I could unfriend people, but if it’s coworkers or family members that gets kind of dicey.  I could choose to block their feeds, but, again, that would be a bit awkward if a family member asks if you saw something acceptable that that person posted.  And, since one of the instances involved a comment to a post my sister made (not my sister herself), that seemed to not fulfill it as well.

My mother keeps asking me if I’ve seen something on so-and-so’s Facebook page.  I’m getting tired of having to make the “No, you know I quit Facebook and why” rant every time she asks.  Yes, I rant more places than just Thoughtful Thursday.

When we went to Canada, several of Josh’s relatives wondered why I wasn’t on Facebook anymore.  So, I ran through my list of reasons.

I don’t like missing out on the good stuff.  Truly.  I like seeing pictures of relatives and friends and friends’ families.

But I don’t know if there is a happy medium.  Why should something designed to make life better (at least I hope that was the original intent) only make life more complicated?

Or am I over complicating it?

I also know (like Pinterest which I can only see as ultimately good, unlike Facebook) that I can lose hours of my life unproductively on Facebook.  I’ve seen people who are addicted to it.  People who electronic-out during family time and meal times and simply can’t put Facebook down even if someone is trying to have a conversation with them.

At that point, it’s a serious problem.  I was never that bad, but maybe it’s only because I stopped myself in time.

Plus, I removed the app from my phone and enjoy the extra (tiny) bit of space.  Apple doesn’t allow for external storage on iPhones, dontcha know?

So, what is my solution? Will I go back to Facebook soon?

I truly don’t know.

But I do ask this.  If you know me in real life, don’t ask me why I’m not on Facebook because you will probably get the canned rant.

If you–or someone you know–is addicted to Facebook to the point that you Facebook message people while driving or ignore family at family functions so you can check out your wall, get help.  Take the app off your phone, destroy your account, whatever it takes–before you destroy your actual, real life.

I’m not simply being melodramatic there.

All of this being said, I use Facebook to let all of my friends and family know about these blog posts.

I only feel a tiny bit hypocritical about that. (And WordPress does the work for me, so I don’t actually have to expose myself to Facebook.)


What do you think?

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