We Plan Wednesday: Muffin’s (and Muffin’s Mama’s) Summer Bucket Lists!

We Plan Wednesday

I think it’s necessary to have goals, even in the summer.  Now, I don’t mean that things need to be totally regimented, but I think it’s a grand idea to map out a few must-do’s for summer, a bucket list of sorts.

So, on Monday, when heading to the splash park with Muffin, I asked him what he wanted to get done for this summer break.

Here is what he said:

get “catched” up on all versions of Minecraft he plays (and Terraria)

go to water park (his words for the splash park which we have done)

go to the movies (more to come about that one Saturday)

go see Granny and Granddaddy often

go see Grandma in Canada (which we already did)

I prompted him with this one.  Don’t you want to go to Dallas? I asked him.  He said he wanted to go to Dallas and the LEGO place and play in their splash park.  Yes, Muffin has his priorities in order.

My list includes (in addition to his):

Possibly taking him to Grand Isle for the first time!  (Beach trip, yay!)

Possibly taking him to Hot Springs (and letting him climb a mountain!)

Going to a conference in July (Super excited!  It’s going to help me teach Fahrenheit 451 in the fall and spring!)

Pool days with Muffin and Josh

Blogging and other writing 🙂

another Please Don’t Heat Up the Kitchen New Recipe Challenge (coming soon!)


have Muffin read to me…maybe one of these books

make cookies with Muffin

make brownies with Muffin

teach Muffin how to bake bread

(Yes, I know these last three were very much not cooling to the kitchen.  I am thinking of trying the artisan bread recipe in the slow cooker, however.  That will DEFINITELY be blogged about!)

I hope you are having a wonderful summer (if you are already enjoying a summer break with little ones) or will be shortly.  What are some things on your summer bucket list?


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