Tip Tuesday: Find a Place to Have Quick (Cooling) Summer Outings!

Tip Tuesday

It’s that time of year again!  The mercury is going to soar, and tempers are going to get shorter and shorter.  I tend to be very hot-natured, as does Muffin (and his dad).  So, it’s extremely important for us to stay hydrated and COOL during the summer.

Window shopping with a six-year-old tends to be very not conducive to being frugal.  And Muffin tends to short out and have a meltdown if I try to browse every aisle in Walmart or Kroger attempting to beat the heat.

It is imperative to find activities for Muffin that will help him to not overheat.

I could take him to a water park, like Splash Kingdom or Magic Springs or Hurricane Harbor.  But if we do that more than a handful of times (keeping in mind that Magic Springs in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and Hurricane Harbor in Arlington, Texas, are more than three hours away as a one-way trip), the cost racks up fast!  Also, tourist hot spots (pardon the pun) tend to be all-day affairs.  Most of the time, we don’t have that in our workable summer schedule.

So where does the intrepid Muffin and his at-her-wits-end Mama go when the mercury rapidly approaches the triple digits?  (No, it hasn’t happened yet, but it’s coming…fast!)  We are blessed to have a lot of neighborhood parks in our twin cities area.  At least two of them have splash pads.

You know, those places where the water shoots up from the ground, or rains down from suspended buckets, or shoots out of Muffin-controlled cannons?  They are usually free, and they are a mama’s Godsend.  A.  Serious.  Gift.  From.  God.

Free.  Cooling.  Great Muffin pic opportunities.  And you score brownie points for being the “Best Mama Ever!”  (Quoted from Muffin on Sunday)  Add in some sunscreen, a towel, and a picnic lunch, and you’ve got a respite guaranteed to make a Muffin smile.

And please do add in the sunscreen (and as a Mama apply it yourself).  We learned the other day that Muffin-applied sunscreen tends to leave spaces and streaks vulnerable to the sun’s harmful rays…the painful way.

Here are the happy Muffin results!

I do need to add one disclaimer.  We went to the Toronto Zoo while on our trip to Canada.  They have a massively huge (easily 10x the size of the one that is local to us–at least) splash pad that is included with the price of admission.  It is not free by itself (but totally worth it if you are visiting the zoo on a sweltering summer day).

What are you doing with your little one(s) to beat that summer heat?



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