Meal Plan Monday: The Back-from-Canada Edition

Meal Plan Monday

Good morning, my friends in the Pinteresting Blogosphere!  I’ve missed you one and all!

Why have I been absent, you ask?  Because planning a birthday party (in which an entire kindergarten class is invited), ending the school year (I thought ending the school year as a teacher was tough; ending the year with as a teacher who also has a kid in school is exhausting!), and planning for and executing the trip to Canada have all been pure craziness!

So, to get back in gear, and to appreciate the start of summer at home, I’m trying to re-institute the meal plan.  So, here goes!

Saturday:  chicken nuggets, cupcakes (don’t ask)

Sunday:  leftover fried chicken and salads

Monday:  soup and crackers

Tuesday:  Taco Tuesday!!

Wednesday:  Quesadillas and chips

Thursday:  grilled chicken and fruit and veggies

Friday:  pizza

Saturday:  fried rice

Sunday:  pork loin roast

What’s on your meal plan for this week?


What do you think?

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