Meal Plan Monday: American Thanksgiving Week!

Meal Plan Monday

Happy (early) Thanksgiving to all people who celebrate the U.S. holiday.  This year, LFam (Josh, Muffin, and I) are eating with my parents at my parents’ house.  I’m supplying Yams Richard (by my mom’s request) and Red Velvet Sheet Cake with Ermine Frosting (by Muffin’s request).  I will also probably help my mom with her cooking to-do list, especially the gravy, on Wednesday and Thursday.

But before we get to Thanksgiving, I do have some things to prepare to feed a hungry Muffin (not to mention Josh and me).  So, this is how things are going to shape up:

Saturday:  Diablo Burgers (Recipe forthcoming) and Poutine (Recipe forthcoming for the non-Canadians who read this)

Diablo Burger


Sunday:  Taco Tuesday (but still on a Sunday!) while watching The LEGO Movie

Monday:  Muffin will be at my mom’s tonight because I have to work a basketball game at work.  I will probably pick something up from somewhere.  Josh will probably scavenge at home.

Tuesday:  Chicken Parmesan (will try to post the recipe once i figure it out), green beans with bacon and onion

Wednesday:  Eggnog French Toast from A Beautiful Mess and homemade sausage

Thursday:  Gee, I wonder…Thanksgiving dinner, duh!

Friday:  Leftovers!

Saturday:  Leftovers (fingers crossed hopefully)

Sunday:  King’s Ranch Chicken from The Cotton Country Cookbook

What’s on your meal plan for the week?


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