Tip Tuesday: Variety Is the Spice of Life for Muffin School Lunches

Tip Tuesday

Today’s Tip:  Spice up your child’s school lunch with different snack, dessert/treat, fruit and veg, and drink options every day.

I think some of my readers don’t realize from the (several) obsessive amount of blog posts that I’ve written about Muffin’s school lunches that I am truly that Type-A about them.

I don’t do the cutesy bento stuff (most stuff has to be prepacked the night before and stashed in the fridge–to be removed and placed in his lunch bag the next day–or placed immediately in his lunch box), but I do strive for variety with him.

Because while he likes hot dogs, nuggets, sandwiches (cut in triangles and the crusts removed, of course…he is is mother’s son), if he had a steady diet 170 days of the year of these at lunch, he probably would stop eating them.

There are those people who can eat the exact same thing day after day and be okay with it.  Kudos to you!  I can’t.  Muffin can’t.

In the weeks leading up to Muffin’s entry into kindergarten, I stocked up on several “easy grabber” lunchbox essentials:  juice boxes/suns/waters/juices, fruit snacks in a variety of shapes and flavors, treat options, and fruit cups.

I created a template for planning it out.

My goal?  No exact two drink types throughout the week.  No exact same treat types twice throughout the week.  No two fruits exactly the same throughout the week.  No two entrees the same throughout the week.

So far, I’ve been fairly successful.

This week’s lunch plan looks like this:

Monday:  hamburger with tomato slices and pickles, grapes, cheese balls, chocolate milk, fruit roll up

Tuesday:  Lunchable (includes drink and treat), raspberries, cucumber slices

Wednesday:  hot dog, tomato slices, fruit cup, yogurt, water, leftover Halloween candy

Thursday:  sloppy joe (from leftovers), clementine, green olives, cheese stick, Kool-Aid Jammer, pudding

Friday:  leftover ziti, fruit salad made from leftover fruit at home, grape juice, leftover tiramisu


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