Meal Plan Monday: This Week Looks Like Last Week

Meal Plan Monday

Yes, this week is going to strongly resemble last week.  Why?  Because the only item on the meal plan that got cooked last week was the baked ziti.  Even a last minute pizza meal was put on hold for Friday because a little muffin came down with strep.  Yes, sickness visited the LFam house at the worst possible time.

So, this meal plan will look (with very few variations) very familiar.

Saturday:  pizza ball things from Reddit (recipe forthcoming), salad

Sunday:  chicken nuggets and fries

Monday:  meatloaf, poutine, and greens

Tuesday:  taco Tuesday (LEGO Movie anyone?)

Wednesday:  breakfast for dinner (Hoping to do French toast sticks and sausage)

Thursday:  leftovers

Friday:  pineapple pizza grilled cheese, corn

Saturday:  Happy Halloween hot dog bar!

Sunday:  tourtierre, fries, salad (poutine fries if we still have cheese curd)

And Muffin’s lunches for this week:

Monday:  chicken nuggets, apple, grape tomatoes, chocolate milk, cheese balls, cookies

Tuesday:  leftover pizza ball thing with sauce to dip, fruit cup, yogurt, cookies, Hi-C

Wednesday:  taco with sour cream, cheese, olive, tomato; tortilla chips (possibly cool ranch); apple sauce; water; fruit snack

Thursday:  french toast sticks and syrup, ham roll up, grape tomatoes, apple, pineapple juice, candy

Friday:  Halloween Lunchable, fruit, olives and tomatoes

What’s on your meal plan for the week?

What do you think?

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