Meal Plan Monday: Leftovers, Straight Up!

Meal Plan Monday

First of all, let me say, “Happy Canada Day!” to all Canadians, spouses of Canadians, and parents (or children) of Canadians.  As mentioned last Monday in the blog, I planned for our annual Canadian Thanksgiving meal to be on Sunday (yesterday).  And, it was a doozy.

LOTS of work, a few meltdowns (yes, I have those), but, in the end, totally worth it!  This is especially true considering the mountain of leftovers we have in the fridge.

How do you treat Thanksgiving leftovers?  Do you re-invent them into turkey casseroles and soups and turkey and stuffing sandwiches with cranberry sauce?  Or, do you consume them straight-up, continually reliving the original meal as you reheat plate after plate of yummy comfort food for as long as the goodness lasts, as we do?

We are definitely in the latter category.  Sure, we will have a turkey sandwich or two, but, by and large, I want to relive the meal over and over.  For the main reason of (and I never understood this until I became an adult and started cooking Canadian Thanksgiving) cooking and cooking and cooking and being so exhausted and tired of food by the end of the preparation that you take an obligatory plate of food for THE MEAL, but then not really enjoy it.

So, that’s how I relive it.

I will not be putting Muffin’s lunches in this post.  My goal is to make a post for tomorrow (an actual Tip Tuesday post) with how I plan out his meals with a handy dandy printable!

But, here’s the menu for the week (It may seem a bit repetitive):

Saturday:  We ended up eating Super Subs again!  with canned soup

Sunday:  Canadian Thanksgiving

Monday:  Canadian Thanksgiving leftovers

Tuesday:  Josh is off, so hopefully he’s going to make breakfast (and I don’t mean turkey and gravy omelets)

Wednesday:  Because Josh will be working on my birthday, we are going out for my birthday dinner this day.

Thursday:  C’mon.  It’s Thursday.  LEFTOVERS!

Friday:  (My actual birthday):  I’m hoping to use one of those birthday meal things to take Muffin out to dinner.

Saturday:  Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets, fries, veg sticks

Sunday:  Baked Ziti with Two Mozzarellas and Parmesan Cream Sauce, salad (to round out my birthday weekend)  I’m really looking forward to try this recipe. 🙂

What’s on your meal plan for the week?


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