We Plan Wednesday: Canadian Thanksgiving Sunday 2015!

We Plan Wednesday

I know.  I usually post well in advance of late afternoon day of a post.  And I’ve meant to post this post for a while now.

Canadian Thanksgiving is Monday.  Yikes!  I still have so much to do, and, until last week (late last week), I had not fully decided on a menu.

That’s scary, folks.  I usually have the rest of the year’s celebrations (plus holiday “goodie” cooking planned by this time).

I blame Muffin being in kindergarten.  Anyone who is around me all the time has heard that lament lately.

Anyway, here is the much vaunted menu.  Long-time readers will recognize some of the offerings from holidays past:



Pioneer Woman Make-Ahead mashed potatoes with gravy

Stuffing (White-Bread, Josh’s Mom’s recipe)

Cranberry sauce (yes, the jiggly kind in the can…gloop!)

Cranberry Relish

Ligonberry preserves (yay, Ikea!)

broccoli/cauliflower with cheese sauce (Josh’s mom’s recipe)

Pumpkin pie with whipping cream (The only part of this I’m doing anything to is the whipped cream.  I refuse to make pumpkin pie.)

Relish tray and dip

Green Bean Casserole

Yams Richard

Spinach Madeleine

Brown and Serve Rolls and Artisan Bread

Pioneer Woman’s Red Velvet Sheet Cake with Ermine Frosting


I decided to divide the workload up.  I plan to shop tomorrow evening, and do some cooking Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Cranberry Relish (because it has to sit and mellow for fun)

Green Bean Casserole (I’m cheating and doing the chinzy cream of mushroom soup one)

green bean casserole

Spinach Madeleine


Yams Richard



Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes


Relish Tray prep

Red Velvet Sheet Cake

Tea (Josh will make Saturday night)


Turkey (der!)


Broccoli/cauliflower with cheese sauce

whipped cream for pumpkin pie

Artisan Bread


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