Meal Plan Monday: A Nod to (Hopefully) Cooler Weather

Meal Plan Monday

I am psyching out the weather.  Yes, the mercury has (FINALLY) dipped below 100.  Yes, we are enjoying temperatures in the mid-90s, considering them almost glacial in contrast to the blistering, punishing 103s and 104s.

The other day, Muffin and I left the house to go for a drive.  Muffin noted (keeping in mind the temperature was already hovering in the 70s) that the weather was finally the way he liked it:  COLD!

So, in honor of Muffin, the “cold menu”:

Saturday:  soup and grilled cheese

Sunday:  pork loin, potatoes, onion, and carrots

Monday:  Mexican pizza, broccoli with ranch for dipping

Tuesday:  Chick-Fil-A (use the card night)

Wednesday:  waffles and bacon/sausage (homemade)

Thursday:  leftovers!

Friday:  hot dogs on a campfire!

Saturday:  grill something

Sunday:  chicken nuggets (Guess what’s on Muffin’s lunch menu for the last week of September???)

And now, the Muffin lunches:

Monday:  pizza lunchable (because he didn’t take it last week), clementine, broccoli and dip, Capri Sun, fruit roll-up

Tuesday:  leftover pork loin, veg from the pork loin, fruit squeeze pouch, chocolate milk, candy piece

Wednesday:  slider sandwich with cheese (Muffin loves the slider sandwich buns we got from Kroger!), sweet pickle and tomato on the sandwich, fruit cup, juice box, fruit snack

Thursday:  leftover Mexican pizza, extra tomato slices, apple, Propel water, pudding cup

Friday:  tuna sandwich slider, yogurt, fruit cup, olives and pickles, “tree” cookie, Hi-C box

What’s on your meal plan for this week?


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