Meal Plan Monday: If I Follow It, This Will Be Miraculous!

Meal Plan Monday

This week marks Muffin’s first week of school…of kindergarten.  It also marks the end of our Houston trip, which was a lot of fun (see future We Plan Wednesday post).  That being said, a lot of things that were intended to be on the menu didn’t happen last week (remember the heat?).

Today, I wanted to make something special for Muffin’s first day of school.  And, wonder of wonders, the mercury hovered right at the 90 degree Fahrenheit mark (32 degrees Celsius for all you metric types).

So, here is the menu for the week (Saturday-today represent what we had…the rest of the week is a guesstimate…hopefully a more accurate one this time).

Saturday:  supper at King’s Biergarten (Josh had the Wurstfest special for $9.95 and I had the one sausage and side.)

Sunday:  pizza rolls (a pineapple one and a pepperoni one for lunches this week and Muffin’s lunch on Monday)

Monday:  Bourbon Street Chicken from Life in the Lofthouse, rice, English peas, and a fortune cookie

Tuesday:  pulled pork sandwiches, chips, and pickle slices

Wednesday:  Quesadillas and refried beans, chips and salsa

Thursday:  leftovers

Friday:  fried rice or hot dogs

Saturday:  pizza meatball subs, veg sticks, chips

Sunday:  Fuji Chicken, rice, egg roll, fortune cookie

I also hope to make a cookie or dessert for the next week’s worth of lunches.

What’s your plan for this week?



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