Tip Tuesday: How to Pack for a Trip


Tip Tuesday

I’ve seen online how to pack kids’ clothes for trips.  Most of them say to bag up in separate zippy baggies each outfit for each day, underwear to shirt to pants/shorts.  That uses an awful lot of baggies, and it’s hard to find baggies that will hold clothes for older kids and adults.

Yes, adults.

Unless I include a list of planned matching outfits, if I pack for a multi-day trip, I will end up with a shirt and pants that don’t match at the end.

A few trips ago, I hit the nail on the head (when we spent the week in Houston, in fact).

Underwear bottoms and socks go in separate baggies.  (We are still in that stage where we may use more than one pair of underwear a day for Muffin.)

I spread the shirts out and put the folded bottoms inside the shirt (like its the person inside the shirt).  Then, I fold/wrap the shirt around it.

Here’s one of Muffin’s outfits on a recent trip:

I did the same thing with my clothes for the trip, as well.  It works swimmingly.

I hope that your travel during the remainder of the summer season goes as swimmingly as possible.


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