We Plan Wednesday: Muffin’s Lunchbox for the First Week of School

We Plan Wednesday

Muffin starts kindergarten this year (as I’ve mentioned).  The official start date for kindergarten in our district is August 17.  He will be carrying his lunch this year from home.  I’m not even sure what the full price of lunch is for elementary school students in our district is, but it is not as affordable as, say, taking leftovers or items that I know he will eat.  In fact, the first day of school, I plan on leaving with the school office, his teacher, and the cafeteria a notification that, barring him forgetting his lunch, he is not to go through the lunch line.  Unintentional charges have been known to happen.

So far, I have purchased one of those lunch blocks kits from Rubbermaid at Kroger (on sale half off and a coupon guardian angel had left a dollar off coupon by the Rubbermaid display).  I also plan on purchasing him at least one more lunch box/kit.

I’ve purchased five packages of fruit cups as well as a copious supply of Hostess cakes.  Those will be used SPARINGLY and only with a super-healthy rest of the lunch.

I’ve also been saving unused condiment packets and napkins for use of making his lunch more interesting.

As far as I know, other than being peanut-free (no mention of tree nut-free) and the other federal restrictions (no labeled items or items labeled with a restaurant label–an “ingenious” way of keeping brand-name sodas, etc., out–hint:  remove the label), there have been none mentioned.  That means, as far as I know, the Lunch Nazis will not be going through and confiscating parts of my son’s lunch.

(I probably won’t be very nice about that.)

So, I’ve been trying to figure out WHAT, exactly, I plan on packing in his lunch.

Monday, August 17:  leftover pizza rolls, fruit cup, veggie sticks and ranch dip, spaghetti sauce for dipping the pizza rolls, milk (preferably shelf-stable), Hostess snack

Tuesday, August 18:  homemade lunchables, whole fruit (grapes/strawberries or combination), veggie sticks and dip, Ikea juice box, small candy

Wednesday, August 19:  leftovers, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, olives, Hawaiian Punch in thermos, small cookie

Thursday, August 20:  leftover quesadilla, sour cream and salsa for dipping, infused water, fruit of the same variety as the infused water on the side to eat with the water, pudding cup, carrot and cucumber coins

Friday, August 21:  tuna fish and crackers (Muffin loves tuna!), aquatic fruit snack, blue Hawaiian Punch, “sea” cucumbers and celery fishing boats, orange wedges

What do you think?


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