Meal Plan Monday: Hopefully This Will Be Followed a Bit Better This Week…

Meal Plan Monday

Last week’s menu did not go so well as planned.  Sometimes, things happen.  And, last week, things happened.  Or, rather, many things coalesced to make me not…want…to…cook.  I ate salads a lot last week.  It also is that lovely point in the year known as “It is way too hot to cook, thank you very much!”

It’s also way too hot to eat.  The heat index on concrete this evening as I headed home about five o’clock or so was 110 degrees Fahrenheit.  It is millimeters away from a hundred degrees actually.

There’s a reason why the slow cooker has again made successive appearances in the meal plan.  I’m not ready to do a full Please Don’t Heat Up the Kitchen New Recipe Challenge, but I’m going to find ways in the next few weeks (Louisiana in August is breathing its hot, acrid breath on the back of my neck already) to not heat up the kitchen as much as possible.

So…here…we…go (Most of the links except next Sunday’s dish can be found on last weeks MPM post):

Saturday:  Fourth of July bash re-do with hamburgers, beans, potato salad, ice cream sundae bar, my mom’s cheesecake

Sunday:  Southern Buttermilk Fried Chicken (adapted from A Bountiful Kitchen), rice, green beans (Muffin again tried to appropriate extra chicken)

Monday:  root beer pulled pork sandwiches (from RecipeGirl), coleslaw, chips (Um…this did not happen today.  I wasn’t hungry, Muffin ate leftovers, and Josh ate something else)

Tuesday:  Muffaletta casserole from Miz Helen’s, salad (I will hopefully be making the root beer pulled pork here)

Wednesday:  Chicken French (expect this one to be usurped as it was last week) from Ducks N a Row, rice, green veg

Thursday:  leftovers

Friday:  slow cooker red beans and rice, bread

Saturday:  fried rice

Sunday:  Crock Pot Coconut Lime Chicken (Crock Pot Gourmet), rice, appropriate veg

What’s your plan for this week?

What do you think?

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