Cent Saving Saturday: My Attempt with Kroger Digital Coupons

Cent Saving SaturdayHappy Saturday, blog fans!  Today you find me a bit peeved and full of consternation.  Now that I have my very own Kroger card minted (as opposed to “borrowing” someone else’s), I have been experimenting with the Free Friday Download, etc.  This week is the first digital coupon bonanza that Kroger has had since I first received this new card.  I loaded the items I wished to buy and visited the store Wednesday (the first day of the sale).  For the first time that I’ve noticed, you could buy more than one item with the digital “coupon.”  In fact, you could purchase five.  I purchased two of the cheese (see below) and five of the Del Monte fruit cups (in preparation for Muffin starting school).  Both of the cheeses and two of the fruit cups were discounted.  The other three?  Uh, no.

So, after writing this post and eating breakfast, I will be going to the “good” Kroger with receipt and shopping list in hand, stand in the interminable line at customer service, and explain the problem AGAIN to someone (as I’m sure the person that I talked to Wednesday afternoon will not be working today).  Hopefully, it will work out well.  Also, I plan on purchasing other items with the digital coupons I have already loaded to my card that I didn’t purchase the other day.


Anyway, here are the sales.


Cantaloupe 87 cents

gallon milk (Springdale) and orange juice (Kroger) $2.99

Kroger cheese 32 ounce (with digital coupon) $5.49 (less than $3 a pound!)

Del Monte fruit cups (grr) $1.50 with digital coupon

Hostess snacks $1.99 with digital coupon

Hawaiian Punch $1.39 with digital coupon

green grapes 87 cents/pound

Kroger apple juice 99 cents (limit 2 with $10 purchase)

green beans/red onions 99 cents/pound

pork shoulder 79 cents/pound (limit 2 with $10 purchase)


Coke 2 L 88 cents

boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.88

Calidad tortilla chips 99 cents

Albertsons 3-Day Sale

leg quarters 39 cents/pound limit 2 with $10 purchase

2 pounds strawberries $2.99

Super 1

Kool Aid Bursts 88 cents

I’ll let you know how my excursion goes!


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