Tip Tuesday: Eating the Color Wheel

Tip Tuesday

Food comes in many colors.  A veritable bounty of hues and shades.  For quite a while now, government agencies, diet gurus, nutritionists, mommy bloggers, and talking heads have stressed the importance of “eating the rainbow.”

First of all, I do not like Skittles.  I don’t want to eat or taste the rainbow.  The world encapsulates more colors than ROY G. BIV (red-orange-yellow-green-indigo-violet) as do food colors.

I’m not talking about the plethora of food, drug, and cosmetic food dyes.

Where would you classify the lovely raspberry hue of…well…raspberries on the rainbow?  They are more magenta than anything else.  Magenta does not appear on the rainbow.

And, I’m going to commit a major nutrition taboo.  What about the white foods?  Cauliflower, potatoes, pasta, and the like (as well as white onions and garlic) would be eliminated from the food list if we merely “ate the rainbow.”

And what about white foods’ traditionally more healthful cousins, the brown foods?  Brown rice, oatmeal, whole wheat, and for that matter, the way-too-ubiquitous quinoa would cease to exist.

What about the lovely pink shade of shrimp?  Or salmon?  Or browned meats that have been made so much better with the maillard reaction?

Yes.  Eating the rainbow is too limiting.  Only seven colors.

I prefer for my food choices not to be so limited.

I prefer, instead, to eat more of one of those really complicated color wheels.  Full gradations of every color imaginable (and unimaginable).

Because, if you think about it, dark greens found in dark…well…greens would be nixed from serving plates if we ate the rainbow.  And greens are some of the yummiest foods in the world (when coupled with the golden brown of cornbread and the pinky tones of tasty pork added as a flavoring agent).

I’ve never truly been a “rainbow girl,” anyway.  Again, seven colors were far too limiting, in my imagination.

So, if you will, please join me in championing the cause:  Eat the Color Wheel, Not the Rainbow!

Whaddya think?


What do you think?

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