Tip Tuesday: Stroll the Grocery Aisles to Find Hidden Deals

Tip Tuesday

During our most recent Kroger visit, I had to purchase store-brand Chex cereal to make Churro Chex Mix (recipe forthcoming with a pic next week during the in-laws’ visit).

Muffin was, for once, being very well behaved on our grocery trip.

I looked down below the store-brand Rice Chex, and I noticed that the smaller (12 ounce or so) boxes of Multi-Grain Cheerios were marked $1.  I remembered that they were on sale (for the coupon sale) at Albertson’s for $1.99 for the same sized box and also remembered thinking that it was a great deal.  Cereal for $1 a box was too good to pass up.

Muffin really wanted the cereal, but it wasn’t until the next morning at breakfast that I realized why.  On the box is a picture of a bowl of cereal with milk and a raspberry.  Muffin was very disappointed that his bowl of cereal did not have a raspberry in it.

He did like the cereal, however.

That’s happened a lot lately, these “unadvertised” in-store specials.  Our local Kroger has also been selling a dozen large eggs for $1.50.

So, the tip for the day is to peruse your grocery store aisles for these great deals.

Also, check the aisles for clearance items.  Sometimes, you can find a real steal at places (Target is one of the best, as is our local Brookshire’s).

How do you find great deals in-store?


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