We Plan Wednesday: The Company Grocery List

We Plan Wednesday

Well, my original plan was to supplement our grocery list for our company week in the weeks leading up to the visit.  Um.  That didn’t quite happen (although I did manage to stockpile a few items).  Some things weren’t able to be purchased up until the week (or even day) of, so I don’t feel too bad.

On the up note, the house cleaning is going okay, so far.

And some of these items may not be used as we may be out and about, etc. (and my parents are treating us to a meal).

Here is the planned shopping list that will cover all essentials for the week (minus items that we have):


cheese (of a cheddary variety, mozzarella, Swiss in block form)

green onions (package from Walmart that is usually more than I can use before they go bad)


strawberry jello

Cool Whip–2 8 ounce containers or one big container




Heinz beans

Chex cereal (or the store brand…all three varieties…lots!)

pretzel twists

2 envelopes instant margarita mix (3 1/2 ounce package)

dried cranberries (check to see if we have these)

dry bread crumbs (check to see if have–especially Italian)

spaghetti sauce

bolillo rolls

grated parmesan cheese



tortilla chips

at least 4 limes

1 orange

2 jalapeno

tequila–check to see if we have at least 3 ounces

whole chicken (I’m pretty sure we have one)

cream of chicken soup (check to see if have)

evaporated milk (check to see if have)

bag flour


egg rolls

jarred jalapenos (check to see if have)

3 cups dried pintos (purchase from Kroger in the bin)


white cake mix (might try to make my own)


sweetened condensed milk (check to see if have)

cream of coconut (check to see if have)

fridge biscuits



cream cheese


pork chops–check to see if have at least 3 pounds


sour cream



2 crescent rolls

chicken breasts

flour tortillas

ranch dressing–check to see if have

stewed tomatoes–check to see if have

rice–check rice levels



egg roll wrappers

salad greens


can water chestnuts

sesame oil (check levels)

bell pepper

Dijon mustard (check levels)

sandwich fixins

cinnamon chips (in the chocolate chip area)

powdered sugar (check amounts)

ice cream

tomato sauce (check…otherwise dilute tomato paste)


canned pineapple

black olives

It’s a long list, but doable.


What do you think?

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