Tip Tuesday: Compile a List of Lunch Choices for Your School Aged Child’s Lunches

Tip Tuesday

Years ago, I think even before I was prego with Muffin, I made a list of kid-friendly lunch choices.  I can imagine the eye rolling now (particularly from family members who know how far in advance I like to plan things).  It was a very complete list.  And then I lost the list.

In cleaning the house for the preparation for my in-laws’ visit (Did I mention how much I HATE cleaning?), I came across several of my notebooks, including the one that had the list.

I am sharing that list now for two reasons 1) to be helpful and because I really had no clue for this Tip Tuesday post and 2) because I don’t want to lose the list in the next few months before Muffin starts kindergarten.


homemade lunchable

sandwich in fun shape

sushi (not with raw fish but with krab with a k)

pinwheel sandwiches

cold leftovers

cold pasta salad

kebabs on pretzels/toothpicks

mini pizzas on tortillas/crackers

chilled veg/cream soup with croutons

lettuce-less salad

lettuce wrap

mini bagel sandwiches

mini pancake/waffle sandwiches

grilled cheese/cream cheese sandwiches

cracker sandwiches

quesadillas and salsa

meatloaf/savory muffins


hard boiled egg–decorated


deconstructed gyro


croissant sandwich

roll sandwich

mini burger/veggie burger

deconstructed sushi salad

pancakes (breakfast)


mini hoagie

beans and rice


mini meatball sandwiches

pizza slice

chicken fingers with dip

chicken nuggets and dip

baked cheese sticks with marinara

sandwich bites

French toast sticks

French toast sandwiches

pizza rollups

tuna/chicken/salmon salad-stuffed veggies

stir fry/rice

fried rice

snail sandwiches (I cited this as from Family Fun magazine, but this is pre-Pinterest for me, and I’ve seen it on Pinterest since)

pigs in blankets

BBQ parfait


mini Mexican pizzas

mini omelettes (or omelette muffins)

biscuit sandwiches

Sandwich Fillings

nut butter (won’t be able to do this one…his school is nut free)



cream cheese




smoked salmon

tuna/chicken/salmon salad (Muffin loves tuna)

pimiento cheese

flavored cream cheese


mozzarella, basil, tomato

grilled cheese

bbq/pulled chicken or pork



muffaletta filling

tea sandwich filling


ants on a log

whole fruit

fruit pieces

jello with fruit

fruit salad


veg/fruit kebab



pita chips/hummus

Italian salad pieces



goldfish crackers

yogurt (with accompaniments)

babybel cheese

roasted potatoes/vegetables

mozzarella, tomato, and basil salad

cottage cheese (with accompaniments)

veggie chips/carrot curls/kale chips!  (Now, you know I made this list a LONG time ago!)

grilled onion

melon and berries

crackers with filling

dried fruits/veggies

cole slaw

potato salad

cucumber-tomato salad

guacamole and dippers

fruit and nut butter dip (probably going to be more cream-cheese-based)

potato pancakes with applesauce or sour cream

mashed sweet potatoes

garlic bread

string cheese

pickle/pickle slices


green tea with juice

tomato juice


club soda

diet ginger ale

club soda with juice

capri sun

juice box


yogurt juice

Sunny Delight

green tea and ginger ale







piece of pie

yogurt parfait

baked flour tortillas sprinkled with cinnamon sugar dipped in fruit salsa

I even came up with a weekly theme idea:

Meatless Monday

To Go Tuesday (or where anything goes)

Worldwide Wednesday

Think Sandwiches Thursday

Fun Friday

What do you think?


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