Cent Saving Saturday: Stay Home!

Cent Saving Saturday

This may sound redundant, but the best way of saving money?  To stay at home, of course.  This works if you are not addicted to online shopping and QVC (and you know who you are…if Amazon sends you a fruit basket–that you don’t order–every Christmas as a thank you, you are NOT saving money by staying home).

No, I’m talking about staying home and finding stuff to do around the house.  Like cleaning.  Yes, I know that’s more than a little of the pot calling the kettle black, but you cannot clean your house if you are not at your house.  Trust me, the day someone figures out how to do that, I will be the first to sign up.  I guess you could always hire someone to clean your house, but I’m one of those people that would have to pre-clean before hiring anyone, which kind of defeats the purpose AND it proves that leaving the house costs money.

You can also OAMC (once a month cooking or freezer cooking).  Our biggest money drain by leaving the house is eating out.  In the summer, it’s easier, because I’m home.  I can make Josh’s lunches, and Muffin and I can graze the fridge and pantry.  During the school year is when things get kinda hairy.  That’s why leftover Thursdays now exist because for some reason Thursday is the easiest day to explain away the need to stay home and cook (rather than eat out).

And the other big drain on our income by leaving the house?  This is much less of one than last year at this time, but gas money.  I paid $2.33 for gas the other day and still managed to put $30 into my tank.

That’s why (besides the insane heat and humidity…am I truly already missing the flood rains?) even in summer, I try to only make one grocery run.  Here are the deals for this week:


whole pineapple 99 cents

pint blueberries 2/$5

Kroger cheese $2.99/pound

Eddy smoked sausage 2/$4

Kroger sour cream 10/$10

Pringles chips 10/$10

Kroger cheese slices 3/$5

Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, 7-Up 2 L $1 each wyb 5

Pepsi 6 pk bottles 5/$10

strawberries, 1 pound 2/$4

boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.99/pound

cucumbers 2/99 cents


boneless bottom round roast $1.99 pound, limit 10 pounds with $10 additional purchase

corn 10/$3

Red Gold tomatoes 39 cents wyb 6

Red Gold ketchup 39 cents wyb 6!!!

Hormel Compleats $1.69 wyb 6 (I buy these because they are shelf stable and I can keep some in my filing cabinet at work if I forget my “good” leftover lunches)

50% off Keebler crackers/cookies and Sunshine Cheez-Its (This depends on the original price, of course)

Red Gold salsa 10/$10

limes 5/$1

Super 1:

Brookshire’s bacon $2.97 (Best bacon ever!)

Capri Sun $1.88


Brookshire’s thick sliced bacon $6.99/3 pounds

Brookshire’s orange juice 2 gallons/$7

Fairly good deals for the week, over all.  Have a great one, everyone!