Meal Plan Monday: Vacation Bible School Week!

Meal Plan Monday

We are back home!  It’s good to be home, even though we had fun in Houston, it is really REALLY good to be back home.  With that comes a week of (hopefully) actual meal planning.

Coupled with everything this week is the fact that it is also Vacation Bible School for Muffin with my cousin Nikki!  He LOVES Nikki (She’s probably his favorite person on earth!), so he has really been looking forward to VBS at her church.

VBS at her church is held in the evenings, so Muffin will eat something beforehand.  As Josh is getting off on Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday after Muffin goes to VBS, I will be making supper for Josh and me using the menu below.

Saturday:  meat/cheese board from purchases in Houston (Aldi/Central Market)

Sunday:  dinner out with Josh (Muffin had one of those Chef Boyardee meal kits with granola bar and pudding)

Monday:  Sesame chicken (recipe given to me by one of my coworkers), stir-fried green beans, rice (Muffin will probably want a hot dog before VBS and veg sticks and dip afterward.)

Tuesday:  Crock Pot Chicken Tacos (using salsa and taco seasoning) with chips (I will make Muffin a taco before we go)

Wednesday:  I know usually Thursday is leftover day, but Josh is off on Thursday, so I figure we will grill.  So, Wednesday will become the leftover day.  Muffin will probably have another taco, and we will have Stuffed Baked Potato Bar (with leftover chicken taco toppings)

Thursday:  grilled something (I will make a sandwich and veg sticks for Muffin), canned veg, bread that I hope to make if the weather is cool enough (HA!)

Friday:  mini pizzas on toast, corn (same for Muffin; I will just make his earlier)

Saturday:  Smothered Chicken from Make-Ahead Meals for Busy Moms (I absolutely LOVED this the last time I made it!), veg of some kind, mashed potatoes (hopefully with real potatoes) Hopefully this time I will snap a pic before scarfing it down.

Sunday:  Chicken and Cornbread Casserole from Bread, Booze, and Bacon with a nice green veg (either a salad with a light vinaigrette or a sauteed spinach or something) to detox (lots of fat in the casserole!)

I hope to have the June meal plan made out for We Plan Wednesday.

What’s on your meal plan this week?