Cent Saving Saturday: The May Houston Edition

Cent Saving Saturday

We are still in travel mode, so I’m going to go ahead and post about Houston sales, as well.  Even though our sales at home are nothing to sneeze at this week, Houston puts all things to shame.


I must be living wrong.

Next time I come, I’ll just bring a REALLY big cooler and have at it.

We begin with the hometown standards, Kroger, Albertsons, and Super 1.


split fryer breasts 99 cents/pound

large Haas avocados 99 cents

red cherries $2.48/pound

milk or orange juice $2.99/gallon (Aldi runs it here for milk at $1.99/gallon!)

Oscar Mayer bacon $3.49

Yoplait yogurt (or, as my phone autocorrects Yo plait) 39 cents

Kroger cheese $1.99

Hostess donettes 3/$5

Kroger frozen vegetables 10/$10

Kroger sour cream (pint) 10/$10

sweet corn 6/$2

green beans or red onions 99 cents/pound

pineapple 99 cents

Albertsons (Friday-Sunday)

Boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.99

eggs 99 cents (limit 2 with $10 purchase)

Albertsons (all week)

Chef Boyardee cans or cups 88 cents

Gebhardt (autocorrect to He hardy) refried beans 88 cents

strawberries, 2 pounds $3.98

Essential Everyday cheese $1.88

Lysol wipes $1.88

lemons/limes 25 cents

Roma tomatoes $1/pound (I bought some at Aldi for 69 cents!)

Michelina’s frozen dinners 75 cents

Essential Everyday string cheese 25 cents

Pepsi 2L $1 limit 6

Essential Everyday gravy and seasoning mix 25 cents limit 8

Jello instant pudding 50 cents (to make pudding pops with Muffin)

Morrison corn kits cornbread mix 50 cents

Super 1 Foods

pork butt $1.17/pound

John Morrell thick bacon 3 pounds $6.97

Russet potatoes $1.95/10 pound bag

red, orange, or yellow bell peppers 85 cents each

And, now for the Houston part:  (Be prepared to weep)


Happy Harvest 3-bean salad 99 cents/can

Tuscan garden marinade 99 cents

Specially Selected goat cheese log $1.99

Specially Selected pepperoni marinara or roasted garlic with tomato and basil cheese $2.99

Specially Selected Brie cheese round $2.99

Benton’s graham crackers $1.39

Baker’s corner marshmallows 89 cents

Specially Selected strawberry or black soft licorice $1.99

Clancy’s cheese curls 99 cents

Little Salad Bar Hummus $1.99

Clancy’s vegetable chips $1.99

Clancy’s Big Dipper tortilla chips $1.79

Benton’s caramel coconut fudge cookies $1.79

Roma tomatoes one-pound package 69 cents

organic grape tomatoes $1.69/10 ounce clamshell

avocados 39 cents each

red grapes 89 cents/pound sold as 2 pounds

bananas 39 cents/pound

mangoes 29 cents/each

cantaloupe 79 cents/each

Texas sweet onions 35 cents/pound sold as 2 pounds

Friendly Farms milk gallon $1.99 (limit 4)

Fit and Active light string cheese, 12 count $2.79

H.E.B. Plus! (H.E.B. is the parent company of Central Market.)

Boneless pork loin whole in bag $1.47/pound

County Post boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.47/pound

southern peaches 87 cents/pound

Cutter insect repellent 97 cents

The Salt Lick salsa $1.79 with $2 in-store coupon

Pepsi or Diet Pepsi 2L $1


fresh baked dinner bread 89 cents

Ten sodas (like Dr. Pepper and 7-Up Ten), 79 cents (2L)

Randall’s has something called 5-Dollar Friday:

Oscar Mayer deli lunch meat, 1 pound $5

Hostess single serves (cupcakes, Twinkies, etc.) 5/$5

P. F. Chang’s Dinner for 2 $5

2L Coca-Cola 5/$5

Food Town

boneless chicken thighs $1.49/pound

Mrs. Cubbinson’s croutons, bag 55 cents

K C Masterpiece barbecue sauce 88 cents

limes 12/$1

jalapenos 89 cents/pound

cucumbers 3/$1

relish 88 cents (not sure which brand anymore because autocorrect changed it to DSL)

Casa Fiesta refried beans 2/$1

assorted Lunchables 99 cents (autocorrect to lunch ambles)

To save time when I searched Wednesday morning, I typed the grocery deals into the Notes app on my phone.  As you can tell, autocorrect made things especially humorous.

What are the deals where you are this week?


What do you think?

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