We Plan Wednesday: When the Best-Laid Plans Turn into Carpe Diem

We Plan Wednesday

Monday, Memorial Day, was our first full day in Houston.  While Josh was at work, Muffin and I had planned to go to the Houston Galleria for shopping at the LEGO store.  (Muffin had several weeks of cleaning his room bribe allowance burning in his metaphorical pocket)  The main reason for going to the Galleria the first day out?  Because the weather report said rain (heavy horrific rain) every day of our trip, so I had pretty much given up on outdoor activities.

So…when the sun shone brightly in between puffy white clouds and blue skies, I jumped at the chance to take Muffin to Galveston.  Muffin had been to the beach at his grandma’s (the beach of Callander Bay).  This was his first experience of dipping his toes (well, it ended up being more than that) in the Gulf of Mexico.

With the storms that threatened the area churning up the waters of the gulf, the “surf” was very surf-y.  As in, the waves took the water level easily from ankle deep to waist deep in a matter of a wave rolling over the shore.

Muffin loved playing in the sand and the surf.  His sunburn of a few days ago from a local splash pad didn’t worsen, but I discovered that I obviously don’t self-apply spray sunscreen well.  Ouch!  Or, rather, OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!  Here are some of the best Muffin shots:

Here is where he made tracks he made:

And how he made those tracks (See the scary waves behind him):

And I would like to take this moment to thank Crocs for creating great shoes that are beach (and dress sandal friendly):

He loved crumbling the sand in his fingers:

Everybody Free!  and enjoying the waves!  (See how the sky is good-weather blue and not scary storm blue?  Flash forward a few hours and that all changed.)

Yup…five seconds before the water was ankle deep on him…and now:

And higher…

Upon arrival:  walking along the Galveston Seawall (along Seawall Boulevard):

We parked in the Walmart parking lot beneath the palm trees.  Here is Muffin in front of another vehicle, holding a palm frond, and pretending to be a palm tree.  “I’m a palm tree; look at me!”

Again…beautiful blue skies.  And then…that night, Houston (downtown especially) flooded.  And we are promised much more rain for the remainder of the trip.  Help!  Our Thursday plans of the museum district (free hours at the fun ones like the Children’s Museum and the Natural Science Museum) may be shot to hockey sticks.  And Saturday’s plans of IKEA and Central Market may be gone to the suds…or the floodwaters…as well (sob!).

So, the moral of this We Plan Wednesday post (just as with a previous Meal Plan Monday post) is:  If a better opportunity for fun and excitement presents itself in a timely (or untimely) manner, take the opportunity!

I’ll fill ya in as the trip progresses!


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