Tip Tuesday: The Travel to Houston Edition

Tip Tuesday

Unlike when we travel to Canada, we won’t be needing our passports for this trip.  However, as we will be gone nearly a week, the “long pack” applies.  You know, how you can get away with a small rolling (Small Rolly) suitcase for a family of three for the weekend or a tiny (purse-sized) duffel for a single person traveling (I still don’t know how you did that Mom on the trip to Dallas.  Kudos to you!)?  Yeah, that doesn’t work for a week-long travel excursion.  Big Rolly has to come out, possibly with the help of his friends Small Rolly (so that he doesn’t feel left behind), Tiny Duffel and/or Electronics Backpack, as well as Medicine Baggy and the girls.

A weekend trip allows you the freedom to pack light.  A week-long trip?  You have to pack for contingencies and what-ifs!

Yes, I know that there will be shopping in Houston, that there are probably more Walmarts and Targets and the like than here.  But what if I’m too tired to move when we get to the hotel?  What if we all get sick and can’t leave the hotel?  Contingencies, people!

I’m a bit OCD about trip packing.  I literally have to pack everything I think I could possibly need for the next week.  Because there is nothing worse than the “Oh, man, I should have packed X, Y, and Z!”

That probably could be considered a psychological problem.

And, yes, for those who didn’t miss it who are looking at me with condemnation, I am one of those parents who brings electronics on trips.  The drive to Houston (especially the first half) is not very picturesque (and since I’m driving the car and Muffin is the only other passenger–as Josh has to drive his work van–Muffin will have his choice of electronics).  And Minecraft, regardless of my personal feelings on the matter, has taught him spatial recognition/learning, hand-eye coordination, and many other things.

We also plan on packing Josh’s meds, adult ibuprofen, Muffin ibuprofen (to prevent fevers/febrile seizures), antihistamines (both adult and child), and sunscreen.

Again, contingencies!



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