Meal Plan Monday: The Insane Week

Meal Plan Monday

This week could be subtitled “Why am I even bothering to meal plan?”

Mother’s Day is this week (yesterday, in fact).  My aunt’s funeral (after a brief battle with cancer) is today.  My (and my mom’s) big Mother’s Day present is this weekend (in the guise of a trip to Dallas–I think we all desperately need to get away).

So, why am I meal planning?

The easy answer is to give a reboot to the dishes that were planned and not tried last week (the cheeseburger tater tot casserole, crock pot pizza potatoes, and smothered chicken).

In the end, it might be best (and easiest) to go with that.

The more complicated answer?  I love making lists.  A meal plan is a list.  Lists give me some (possibly imagined) amount of control in my crazy world.  And the possibility of three new dishes to try will hopefully lift my spirits a bit this week.

For whatever the reason, surface or deep-seated psychological, I am making this meal plan and (hopefully) making it stick (at least better than last week when even nuking things on leftover Thursday seemed to take too much emotional and physical energy).

Note:  The new recipes are linked in the MPM post here.

Saturday:  Mother’s Day dinner out at Chimi V’s  (Their Mexican apple pie is to die for!)

Sunday:  Josh grilled smoked sausage, peppers, and onions, as well as hot dogs and chicken for later this week.  We ate this with a baked ‘tater.

Monday:  Smothered Chicken with a green veg and bread

Tuesday:  Cheeseburger Tater Tot casserole, hamburger salad

Wednesday:  breakfast for dinner

Thursday:  leftovers/hot dogs

Friday:  Crock Pot Pizza Potatoes

Saturday:  Dallas!  Dinner at the hotel!

Sunday:  meal made from items at Central Market (maybe another cheese board?)

And, so, that’s it.  Hopefully it all holds true.


What do you think?

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