Cent Saving Saturday: Staycation!

Cent Saving Saturday

The coining of the term is open to debate.  In its one word, un-hyphenated form, the origin is from Corner Gas.  I believe it to be true.  Supposedly, there was a use of “stay-cation” in a Chicago newspaper in 2003, but I believe the CG episode “Mail Fraud” where Brent pretends to go on vacay outside of the gas station is where the term actually originated (and where it gained popularity and spread).

Regardless, staycations (as long as you are staying at home) are the cheapest ways to vacation.

This year, spring break is a staycation.  We have a ton of cleaning to do (mentioned in Wednesday’s We Plan Wednesday post).

Staycations are also cheap because you don’t have to find a way to board pets.  Or spend money on expensive hotel stays and valet fees.  And the hotel occupancy taxes.

But on to the grocery sales this week:

(Here’s the short version:  Kroger wins!  Albertson’s only good deals–even with their in-ad coupon sale–are pretty much limited to their Friday-Sunday sale)


Cantaloupe 77 cents each

Broccoli crowns 99 cents/lb.

red, yellow, and orange bell peppers 99 cents each (By the way, this is always a cool way to add a burst of vegetable color and flavor to any meal)

Kroger orange juice, gallon $2.99

Springdale milk, gallon $2.99

Coke/Pepsi/Dr. Pepper 2L $1 each wyb 5

Kroger cheese $2.99/lb

Yoplait yogurt 39 cents each

Albertson’s (all Friday-Sunday only):

whole fryer chickens 77 cents/pound (limit 3 with $10 additional purchase)

boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.78/pound

strawberries, 3 pound package $4.49

Pepsi cans 12 pack 3/$8.88 (limit 3)

Best choice apple juice 64 ounce 99 cents (limit 4)

Super 1:

Brookshires 3 pound thick sliced bacon $7.97

fuji apples 99 cents/pound

5 pound bag Texas 1015 sweet onions $2.98


Brookshire’s Blast 2L soda 69 cents

Brookshire’s refried beans 88 cents

organic carrots, 5 lb bag $2.99



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