Funny Muffin Friday: The Easter Egg Edition

Funny Muffin Friday


Wednesday, Josh’s first day off in like, forever, we got Muffin’s hair cut.  At the hair-cutting-place, they had a basket of plastic Easter eggs and a sign that said “Write down your e-mail and pick out an egg,” or something like that.

So, in a see of pink and yellow, Muffin picked out a large turquoise egg (a bit more blue than the banner above).  Imagine his surprise (and delight) when he opened the egg and found another smaller one the exact same color.

Josh tried to point out that there was probably supposed to be something else (like a coupon or a candy) inside it, but I quickly hushed him up when I saw how much fun Muffin was already having with the eggs.

While we waited the twenty or so minutes for Muffin’s turn at the shears and clippers, he entertained the whole hair-cutting-place as he hatched the eggs over and over, sat on the eggs to get them to hatch, made plans with what to stuff in them, and tried to get me to sit on them to hatch them.

Thank you, Master Cuts, for that fabulous promotional idea.  It was the best child distractor ever!  (And it kept Muffin from running around the salon floor crashing into things…BONUS!)

Here is the shot with the new haircut!



My happy boy!


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