Cent-Saving Saturday: Swap out Cheaper Proteins in Recipes

Cent Saving Saturday

I remember when ground beef was among the cheapest meat protein you could buy pound for pound of boneless meat.

Have you priced ground beef lately?

Even the cheap “mystery chubs” of over 25% fat are in excess of $3 a pound on sale.  And I prefer to not pay more than $2 for most proteins (seafood being one of the few exceptions).

However…ground turkey has been on sale recently at Albertson’s for a great deal.  And pork loins have been on sale for a great price (See below for the great deal for this week!), so the “meat factory bee-sheen” has been working overtime.  Ground beef at super expensive prices, sayonara!  Ground pork and turkey, hola!

But this works in other ways, too.  On weeks when I don’t have pork chops in the freezer and when pork loins or chops are not on sale and are crazy expensive, I will swap it out for chicken on sale (or chicken in the freezer).  An added bonus?  You have now discovered a new variation on an old favorite meal!

And, speaking of the great pork loin sale, here are the deals of the week!


orange, red, and yellow bell peppers 99 cents each

avocados 88 cents each

Kroger gallon milk or orange juice $2.99

eggs, 18 pack $1.77

Bar S hot dogs 10/$10

7-Up and A&W 2 L 77 cents each wyb 5

Kroger frozen potatoes $1.79

Bumble Bee tuna 69 cents each

Kroger crescent rolls 10/$10 (Muffin has discovered a new-found love of these!)


seedless watermelon $3.99 (Friday-Sunday)

pork loin $1.48/pound (limit 2 with a $10 purchase)

boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.78/pound

Wolf chili 88 cents/can limit 6

Langer’s apple juice $1.88

Hershey’s and Mars single-serve candy bars 2/98 cents (limit 6)

Purex $1.99 (limit 2)

10 pound bag russet potatoes $2.99

Super 1:

General Mills cereal $1.88

John Morrell thick-sliced bacon, 3 pounds $8.77

strawberries, 2 pound package $3.88

asparagus $1.78/pound

cucmbers and green bell peppers 58 cents each

What are the deals where you are this week?


What do you think?

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