Meal Plan Monday: A Week of Catch Up

Meal Plan Monday

This was an interesting week to plan because we didn’t know Josh’s work schedule until Friday for the month of March.  So, I ended making up two menu plans, one if Josh were on call and one if he weren’t.

And then, I realized that I wasn’t going to get everything made and eaten this week.  So, the meal plan had to alter a bit.

Thus, we have the week of catch up.  I had to figure out which dishes to shed to next week (and I’ll let you know next week as I deconstruct the list).  One on the list is a repeat:  the Korean (Beef).  I’m making it with pork and turkey this time, and plan to use it as lettuce wrap innards.  So…




Saturday:  sloppy joes, chips, grapes

Sunday:  baked chicken chimichangas (Culinary Couture), chips, salsa, and taco toppings

Monday:  Josh is off but on-call (hamburgers, and chips if warm out…breakfast with pancakes if not)

Tuesday:  Josh is off but on-call (whatever was not made above)

Wednesday:  Korean pork over rice (adapted from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe), lettuce for wraps, egg rolls


Thursday:  honey sesame garlic chicken in the slow cooker (Six Sisters’ Stuff), rice, roasted asparagus

Friday:  calzones (adapted from Taste of Home’s Ham and Cheese Calzones), cut up veg, dip, corn

Saturday:  Apple Pecan Pork Chops (from, roasted veg, peas, and rice

Sunday:  Bourbon Street Chicken (from Life in the Lofthouse), rice, veg

As usual, I plan on linking up to OrgJunkie’s Menu Plan Monday.

What’s on your plan for the week?


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