Funny Muffin Friday: A Candid Sunday Morning

Funny Muffin Friday

Muffin likes to come into our room in the morning and snuggle, which I love.  He becomes very upset (especially on days when Josh and/or I go to work) if we are already up and at ’em when he wakes up.  Screaming upset.  Throwing a fit upset.  Sobbing upset.

Sunday was a lazy morning.  We didn’t have to get up and at ’em (as we did to Muffin’s favorite restaurant on Earth–to make up for the Ryan’s fiasco–Horseshoe’s The Spread buffet for brunch), so Muffin, Daisy, Josh, and I ended up snuggling on the bed.  Muffin gathered his dad and Daisy together for a photo that I think he wanted to be bound for Facebook (He’s obsessed with having pictures posted to Facebook lately).  I saved it for this post.


Muffin loves his family (especially Daisy) very much!


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